Magical Monday: True Confessions



It’s been awhile since I unleashed some True Confessions. Since it’s the holiday season, I figure it’s prime time to unload some uglies. Wanna join me?

* My baby had bacon and chocolate ice cream for breakfast yesterday.

* I didn’t feel the need to play out in the snow this past weekend and didn’t make my children do it either.

* My hot water heater broke last week and I decided I was NOT going to handle it gracefully. Instead I bitched and complained for 30 minutes how I now had to do dishes by hand, in cold water no less, and how I was PISSED I couldn’t take the bubble bath I was so looking forward to. I fully gave myself over to bitchiness for 30 minutes and then I got over it. I don’t even feel bad about it.

*  I often whine and complain about how OFTEN my children are hungry and how OFTEN I need to help get them food. Seriously, it feels non-stop on some days.

* I don’t make my children eat vegetables. The only vegetables my 5 year old eats are lettuce in his tacos and turkey sandwiches and his daily pickle allotment. I’m not concerned about this.

* I started a controversial debate on Facebook yesterday and there were so many responses that I actually unfollowed my own thread.

* My doggie is so wonderful, sweet, and loving…and I often feel so much guilt because I only walk her once or twice a week.

* My husband and I only get our mail out of the mailbox about once a week. That’s still too much in my opinion.

* While Christmas shopping for my hubby on-line I got so stumped that I bought myself a whole bunch of presents instead.

* My 2 older boys spent the huge bulk of their time yesterday on their ipads….in front of the TV.

* We have guests coming for the holidays and I’m already LOATHING the task of changing sheets, laundering towels and cleaning bathrooms. I HATE playing chambermaid, no matter how much I love my guests!

Whew! That felt good! Any dirty laundry you want to air? Happy Magical Monday.


11 comments on “Magical Monday: True Confessions”

  1. I true confessions…here are mine….
    -my only form of exercise lately is when i walk down the driveway to get my kids off the bus
    -enjoying lately when my kids go to school mainly b/c i don’t feel as guilty when i let just my 3 year old watch tv -all day and play on the computer
    -complaining about how messy my house is & that there is no food in the house then realizing that I am the one who is responsible for cleaning & cooking and food shopping
    -i was excited that the kids had school today b/c that means i will get to watch a movie and eat in peace, while my 3 year old watches his own movie
    -i am so not into decorating for chirstmas this year, my 8 year old got the decorations out himself and started on his own
    -having no idea what to get my hubby for christmas and not really caring
    -hoping someone other than me will make something for dinner tonight, so wishing I had a personal chef for me and my family

  2. Here are mine…

    -A large part of me CANNOT WAIT for Christmas to be behind me
    -No part of me is excited about my older son starting full time school next year…and I have no idea what to do about that.
    -Three cups of coffee is my new minimum (up from 1.5-2)
    -I have been eating junk lately and do not feel guilty.
    -Though I’ll be glad when the holidays are over, I do kind of like turning on a “Christmas movie” and letting them watch it guilt-free…because it’s festive! haha

  3. Two things – I don’t offer my kids veggies either. If she doesn’t want to eat it, I don’t stress. I do give her a green smoothie everyday, so I figure that does it. It tastes mostly of blueberries and it fools her every time. She knows it has spinach, but I don’t think she knows what spinach is. Also – you can unfollow your own thread?!?!!? Awesome!

      1. My pediatrician even said he lumps fruits and veggies in one group and if they eat one or the other they’re fine. He also told me (when I was panicked about this) that kids know what they need to eat, so if you offer healthy options, they’ll get what they need. SO relieved. Done fighting that fight over here.

  4. I LOVE true confessions! I so enjoyed reading yours!

    A few from me:
    -I let my daughter watch 45 minutes of TV first thing in the morning so I can get ready for work. I am so grateful for the invention of the TV otherwise I have no idea how I would get anything done (making lunch, showering in the am etc)
    -My hubby and I opened our gifts for each other last night because he didn’t want to wait till Christmas lol! He did really well with what he picked out for me!
    -Speaking of, while I love giving out gifts that I’ve thought up I find it really hard to shop for my hubby. A few years ago we started making amazon wish lists and I just stick to this list because I know it’s stuff he actually wants. It’s such a relief!
    -My parents are coming for a visit later this month and voluntarily decided to stay in a local hotel. Our house is small and it has been stressful in the past having them stay with us so this is a very welcome surprise!

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