Anyone Speak Toddler?

My 2-year-old has been talking more and more which is super exciting but at the same time very confusing. Sometimes when he speaks I honestly feel like I am talking to a grown person his diction is so good. Other times I feel like I am talking to a drunk, foreign person who has bad hearing.

The worst part about not understanding what he is saying is the look of disgust and irritation he gives me. Like I am the idiot who should understand. So there I stand straining my ears to try to make sense of his words. If I can understand what he is saying then I can maybe help with pronunciation? Well that is the hope anyway.

How can you not understand me idiot!
How can you not understand me idiot!

We are also trying to teach manners in the process of this, which is hysterical in itself. Instead of please it sounds more like peeeze when said by my kid. So is there a dictionary out there that has toddler language? Hmmm maybe that is a new money venture I should take on. Think about how easy it would be for parents if they could navigate through the crazy language of a toddler!

So do any of my mothers have any tips about how to figure out what my kid is trying to say??

3 thoughts on “Anyone Speak Toddler?

  1. Ha- I have no tips. Well, I would ask her to point to what she was talking about – or describe it. And I often found myself wanting to ask her to spell what she was saying – don’t think that will work!


  2. We started using some sign language with our little ones but not very many signs, just enough to communicate wants and needs.
    We haven’t mastered the communication thing though, my 6 year old has speech issues and I still have problems trying to decipher things from time to time


  3. Ahahaha I totally relate to this! Lillian’s speech is fantastic now but even still sometimes she says things that I can’t understand AT ALL and I just have to laugh.


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