Supermom’s Handbag


I recently began a little ritual at my office.  It starts by me walking to the bathroom 5 minutes before quittin’ time, and, ends with me wearing jeans and sensible shoes.  But a little background first.  A few weeks ago, we were expecting a snow storm to snarl and basically turn the evening commute home into a giant traffic jam.  Expecting that the kids’ daycare would have an early dismissal, I packed a pair of jeans in my handbag (and no, no, no, NOT mom jeans)  before leaving home, with the intention of changing out of my dressy work pants and into jeans and boots to tromp through the snow in the parking lot later that day.  Well, sure enough, my Mom ESP was spot on, and I had to leave work early to pick up the Twosome.  In fine Clark Kent fashion, I marched off to the ladies’ room, changed out of my work outfit, and into my jeans and trusty Sorel snow boots in preparation for the trek home.

What I realized later that night would change the course of history for me and Moms everywhere- changing into a pair of jeans and comfy shoes BEFORE I left the office to pick up the kids made me into Supermom.  Before this realization, I would haul myself, my handbag, and let’s not forget Livvy in her heavier than godknowswhat car seat from the garage and into the house, all while trying to distract Jake from playing with the snow blower or Mike’s power tools in said garage, (reminder- get Mike to cover the attractive nuisance that is the bright orange snow blower in the garage), and start getting dinner on the table, and a bottle in the mouth of the babe.  By the time 8:00 has rolled around and Mike and I are ready for our second glass of wine (or Gin & Tonic… GUILTY), I would look down to find that I was still dressed in my work clothes, and now, those work clothes are covered in tiny hand prints of mac and cheese, spilled formula, and greasy baby lotion, not to mention all frumped out and wrinkled.  Not only that, but it’s such a drag for me to be in work clothes at 8:00 at night when I should be kicking my feet up in my favorite pair of jeans or worn out yoga crops.

This whole changing into jeans before I pick up the kids routine is totally the answer here, people.  Now, before you think I’m crazy, (or crazy like a fox, to those who totally get me here), let’s evaluate your situation- I’m sure it’s pretty similar to mine.  You rush home from work so that you’re not late to pick up the kids from daycare and get fined, you rush into the house to feed the masses, because yeah, everyone’s starving at the EXACT same time, and somewhere in there you need to bathe your minions, brush their teeth, read them books, and tuck them tightly into bed.  I swear, some nights I can’t even make it up the stairs to my closet for 2 minutes to throw on some jeans during this three ring circus.  So yeah, Supermom over here who can magically transform herself, sans cape, from Workingmom to Mom in the matter of minutes- this is real, and this is good!



12 comments on “Supermom’s Handbag”

  1. So nice of you to share this revelation! It’s one of those things that makes us say, “D’oh! Of course I should have figured this out!” but we didn’t. And think of how your dry-cleaning bills will shrink!

    I had to LOL at “attractive nuisance” — I still use those great law school terms, too, even 37 years later. “Fertile octogenarian” is another favorite, especially since I have male friends my age who are procreating!

    1. HA! i love old school legal terminology! I mean, how often in casual conversation do you get to say Rule of Perpituities?!

  2. Great idea! My first stop as soon as CP and I walk in the door is PAJAMA TOWN. And those pink shoes – <3! You're so awesome.

    1. MG- it’s seriously the littlest thing that makes such a difference! And one less bit of laundry and dry cleaning to do, sign me up!

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