It’s all BIOLOGY


So last night my poor son woke up and proceeded to get out of his bed a couple of times, which is very unlike him. On the last try my husband went in  to console him and when he picked Max up proceeded to get puked on. My poor husband only had a pair of boxers on so immediately I hear him yell out for help while he is gagging at the same time.

This was my son last night
This was my son last night

My husband is a rock star when it comes to poop. You could literally smear it all over him and it doesn’t phase him, add a little vomit and he is gag city. So as I lift my son off of my puke covered, gagging husband at 2am in the morning I had a thought.

“Thank god you are so cute and you look pathetic” I proceeded to wash my son, and take him downstairs to snuggle and gag until he passed out again at 4am. This was a long night and of course I have a boat load of work to do today and also planning on taking a client out to dinner. Can anyone say coffee please?!

As some of you know my background is science so sometimes I think about things very analytically or maybe I am just crazy but all I could think last night is : THIS IS BIOLOGY IN IT’S FINEST HOUR”.

Think about it: Babies and children are these adorable little people that you can’t help but ohh and ahh at right? Well this has to be due to evolution because let’s be honest, if my husband kept me up night after night puking, crapping his pants, crying and having temper tantrums I would most likely murder him not console him. (Example how cute is the guy below???)

Not as cute as a child huh?


Could you imagine me having a full blown meltdown in a meeting because someone didn’t pass a donut fast enough? Or if I smeared my poop on the walls at the gym?

Yeah I am gathering I would be brought to the loony bin…..but with a baby or a child? All of this is totally ok!

Who wouldn't want to help that little face
Who wouldn’t want to help that little face


SO I say it again: This is biology at it’s finest. Evolution has saved our future species by making them adorable. So the next time you are exhausted and about to have a meltdown just remember you are not cute and pathetic like your child is: So go do that shit in the bathroom.

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