Gratuitous Kid Post

Today I’m going to spend a little time here on the blog talking about every working mother’s biggest enemy.  No, it’s not two snow days in one week.  No, it’s not the dreaded call from daycare at 11:00 in the morning telling you to pick up your sick kid.  And No, it’s not scrambling for child care because your nanny has called in sick last minute with the flu.  Although, those three worst case scenarios are pretty damn awful.  Today, I’m here to talk about deadlines.  A literal drop dead deadline.  A deadline that if missed, horrible things will happen, so you best get your act together and pump out that project, Missy.  I am up against one such deadline.  So, instead of thinking about reality for a short time, how about we look at cute kids for a little bit.  Yeah.  Cute always wins.


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