First Valentines


On my daughter’s first Valentine’s Day, we dressed her in some red and pink hearts and called it a day.

Happy Valentines Day


On her second Valentine’s Day (19 months old), I might have dressed her in a pink shirt – I can’t really remember. What I do remember is feeling like a total loser when she came home with a bag full of Valentines when I had sent her in with none. I think 19 months old is a little young for Valentines and most people who gave them out in her class had older siblings. Luckily, she was too young to even realize she hadn’t given them out.

Looking through her Valentines at 19 months old.
Looking through her Valentines at 19 months old.

The next year, I went with store bought Valentines with a bag of Goldfish attached. Easy as pie and not much expense.

This year, I decided it’d be fun to make Valentines. And we had a snow day coming up so I went to the craft store and bought all the supplies we’d need. I had the silly notion that I’d actually save money by making Valentines. Yeah, right.

I’d seen some super cute ideas on Pinterest that I considered: glow stick Valentines, doily Valentines, hand print Valentines and Valentine felt hearts.  Ultimately, I used the stamp idea from these watercolor cards and went with blank white cards and a few stamps.

I swear she owns more than this one pair of PJs that she's wearing in all my photos.
I swear she owns more than this one pair of PJs that she’s wearing in all my photos.

I got her setup assembly line style and it took her about an hour to crank out 25 cards. The price point might have been a bit higher to invest in the ink pads and the stamps, but I really love the way they turned out and she’s really proud of her hard work.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 8.21.15 PM

Here’s a couple of tips if you’ve got a young child and you’re considering sending them to school with Valentines:

1. Get a headcount ahead of time from the teacher – I  had to go back and have her make ONE MORE!
2. Ask the teacher about addressing Valentines. Both schools we’ve been to have said not to address them with the children’s names so that it’s easier to just put one in each bag.
3. If you’re giving candy, really think about what kind. There are lots of types of candy that just aren’t practical for little kids.
4. If you’re unsure about the etiquette (if any) around Valentines at your child’s school – just ask.

Making Valentine’s Day Special

I recently finished reading Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin and one of her resolutions was to have a fun breakfast on each holiday and I was a little inspired. Since we eat breakfast on I-84 at 7am, the idea of doing a special breakfast with heart shaped pancakes and pink milk didn’t really appeal to me. However, I can do something to make the holiday special for the girls. In addition to the homemade cards, I’m also planning to put a heart on their door everyday for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. On each heart I will share a positive thing about each girl and I’ll tape the hearts to their bedroom doors (thanks again Pinterest!).


And yesterday we attended a super fun kids’ craft event that my friend Michelle put on where the kids got to make wooden Valentines bead necklaces. While I’m not overly crafty (really) and I’m not super into Valentines Day (seriously, I’m not), it’s been fun to teach her about this holiday that’s all about LOVE and to do a few fun things with the girls and for the girls with a Valentine’s Day theme. How about you – how do you celebrate?

How cute is this necklace my older daughter made me for Valentine's Day?!
How cute is this necklace my older daughter made me for Valentine’s Day?!

12 comments on “First Valentines”

  1. Our daycare recommends that we write, “To: My Friend” for easy hand out. Last year we wanted to be cool and look like a put-together family so we bought really nice valentines in my daughter’s name. She came home with regular paper valentines like we used to hand out in grammar school. I don’t know what we were thinking! I felt like such a tool! I love these handmade ones … and your daughter is totally adorable!

  2. wow i wish i had asked if we were supposed to write each kids name on them in advance! they sent home a list of the names so i figured that was so they could practice their writing. well meanwhile a few were illegible -ok who am i kidding, most were illegible but i decided with some effort could be deciphered, but for the few that even i had to figure out by process of elimination i wrote the name again in super tiny print on the sticker that closes them, hoping my son doesn’t see that i did that and get offended! i bought the store kind thinking they’d be so easy, but trying to guide him to write all those names in the tiniest squares possible took a lot of patience! and thank goodness the pack had extras for some re-dos! p.s. your pictures are so cute!

    1. That’s awesome he could write all the names! If they sent the names home, I’m sure they don’t mind if they’re addressed. How fun! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Love this! I’ve been putting a new heart on Lillsy’s door every morning since Feb 1st and it’s been so fun!!

  4. I love the tips you give! I wish I had known these a while ago…TBH I always hated it when Z got candy in her valentines from daycare. I try to keep the sticky stuff to a minimum but when she gets sent home with a bag of goodies it’s impossible. She didn’t want to look at the cute cards, she just wanted the loot. So happy that kindergarten rule is no candy!
    Great post!

  5. I love the goldfish idea! And your homemade cards are SO cute.

    Our preschool by default asks that parents send one valentine per child in the class and sends us the class list – I think this is to prevent kids from being left out. This year, I put little goodie bags together – for my son, the goodie bag has one pencil, one eraser and a bag of mini M&Ms. I printed a free online dinosaur valentine on it and put it in the baggie. It’s a cellophane baggie with a silver twistie. Easy, cheap and you don’t feel too bad that you’re sending trinkets home that the kids can’t use (those little trinket drive me nuts because inevitably they break yet the kids want to play with them over and over again).

    A friend had an idea to make chocolate covered pretzels. Love that idea, too.

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