Making Valentine’s Day Memories

Like my fellow blogger Elise, I love Valentine’s Day because I love telling people I love them! I just love the love. I’m also a bit sappy and cheesy so I take full advantage of this special day.

I tend to get a lot of craft and activity ideas from my fellow bloggers and Elise had posted something on Facebook back in January about an activity/craft idea for Valentine’s Day. Essentially the idea is to decorate your child’s door with a heart each night so that when they wake up in the morning they enjoy the excitement of seeing what’s new. I started on Feb. 1st and put up the last heart last night.

While there was one night where I completely forgot to make a new heart and had to rush to do it before my daughter woke up, overall this activity went very smoothly! I realized at one point it would be a lot easier for me to just make a bunch of the hearts at once and that made this even easier. I decided to reinforce the positive attributes about my child by writing a special statement on each heart. Things like:

“I love how nice you are to animals.”

“The most important thing is to be kind.”

“I love that you think about how other people feel.”

“I love how you share your toys with your friends.” Hahahaha much needed positive reinforcement with this one.

“I love your big huggins.” She calls hugs huggins. How cute is that?


Above: Her fully decorated door!

The best part about this whole thing was seeing how excited she was to check out her door each morning to see what was new. Each day she would ask me to read her all of her hearts and she’d listen with a big smile on her face. For the big Valentine’s morning reveal, she got a huge heart decorated to the extreme with some new stickers and a peppermint patty (don’t ask me where the rest of the bag went…).

There are certain things from my own childhood that I really treasure, so doing stuff like this means a lot to me. I want my daughter to have awesome memories so I think I’ll be keeping this new Valentine’s tradition around for years to come.

4 thoughts on “Making Valentine’s Day Memories

  1. This is so sweet! I did this for Zo but put all the hearts on her door the night before Valentine’s day. Just couldn’t get my crap together any sooner! She love it and kept thanking me for her hearts! I love the love on this day too! (And why you no share your peppermint patties??)


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