Mom Tweets



If someone asked my pre-kid self if my Twitter feed would be loaded with mom celebrities, diaper companies, and witty posts from the Honest Toddler, I’d laugh in their face.  If pressed further, if someone asked me if my tweets would be discussing #momproblems and not pics of a hot new bag I just bought, I’d still be laughing.  But, funny, that is now my reality, and I’m laughing over here at it.


Here’s the thing- being a mom is tough.  Sometimes being a mom is so ridiculously tough that you find yourself on the verge of laughter instead of tears, because really, sometimes there’s just nothing you can do about a situation but laugh.  And tweet about it, of course.  Finding an outlet for #momproblems helps to not go insane.  And that outlet, is Twitter.  Seriously!  If you don’t believe me, get yourself a Twitter account and start following some of my favorite moms.  You will find yourself scrolling your Twitter feed and randomly laughing to yourself (or out loud) throughout the day.  And when you’re feeling bold enough, throw your own tweets into the mix.  I guarantee you’ll strike a chord with another sister mother out there who will be glad you tweeted what you did.  You may even get a retweet or a favorite!


Another favorite Twitter hobby I have is responding to some of my favorite mom celebs or brands.  Engaging in conversations over Twitter is a great way to engage and find common ground- for moms and non-moms alike!

Here are some of my favorite mom-worthy Twitter handles to follow:

@CTWorkingMoms   (OBVS!!!!!!!)











Do you have a Twitter handle?  I’m @marie5k.  If you do, find me on Twitter, and if you follow me, I’ll follow you.  It’ll be fun- I promise!


5 comments on “Mom Tweets”

  1. This couldn’t be more true! And for the record, I belong to a Facebook group of about 50 women that was spawned from Twitter! We all became friends following each other and sharing our “pregnant problems”! We now use our board on Facebook (3 years later) to share photos, gripes, solutions, and the announcements of second babies. We are the Tweety Mamas 🙂 Great post, Marie! Totally resonated with me!

  2. I am not yet “into” Twitter, but have a new reason to get active! I do, though. love swapping parenting oops’ with my spouse and friends via text-message, FaceBook, etc. I love to laugh at it all!

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