Happy Moms4Moms Day!

I am so happy to be part of this impressive group of dynamic and energetic women, who are bringing their message of support and non-judgment to the world today, March 4, 2014.

As one of the two grannies in the group, I don’t usually participate in all the creative endeavors the CT Working Moms bloggers put on, but that doesn’t mean I don’t admire them. Moms judging other moms is a problem that has been around since time began (Mrs. Cain undoubtedly dissed Mrs. Abel’s choices), and trying to change that mindset is nothing short of heroic.  Even the Governor of Connecticut knows this!

My sister bloggers have been on national and local TV shows, as well as all over the internet, spreading the word about tolerance and acceptance. And they do all of this WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY WORKING AND RAISING CHILDREN. The dedication and energy they possess astounds me. The goal is simple but very difficult to achieve: to make the world a nicer, more understanding place. What could be more compelling than that?

These women are scientists, saleswomen, lawyers, teachers, managers, creative directors, government liaisons, entrepreneurs, and ALL great writers. But first and foremost, they are moms, struggling to balance a very full professional life with an all-consuming personal life, while reaching out to other moms in their struggle. CT Working Moms admit when they make mistakes, confess when they have “evil thoughts” (such as wanting some alone time), and share when they are hurting. They encourage each other through crises (burglaries and tough births) and challenges (job changes and in-law problems) and take the time to LAUGH – at themselves and at each other and at the world in general.

I have been part of this group of 25 or so women for 13+ months, but have met only a handful of them in person. Nonetheless, they are my sisters of the soul because we all care passionately about helping each other navigate the rough waters of parenthood, in order to produce happy, honorable, healthy human beings. Their blogs are my first choice of reading matter on the internet each day, and our bloggers’ Facebook page is an endless source of delight.

Today is a BFD for CT Working Moms because they are about to go viral, spreading the message of love and tolerance around the world. While there are risks involved in this (there is no shortage of snark on the internet, directed even toward people whose motives are pure), they have decided to bravely proceed, because the benefits of their message outweigh the possibilities of personal hurt. This is no small feat, because these women are also among the most sensitive and vulnerable people I know. That is part of what makes them so AMAZING: they feel for others, all the way through their hearts to their souls.

Congratulations, Michelle Noehren and all the other beautiful, brave and awesome women of CT Working Moms! The world awaits you and your powerful message.

9 thoughts on “Happy Moms4Moms Day!

  1. Thanks for being our champion “Grannie!” More like “Role Model” and “Queen of all things I wish I knew!” Proud to call you (and all our fantastic women)a sister!


  2. This is my first source of internet reading too! I am so honored to be among you other bloggers, and you have perfectly articulated the reasons why. 🙂


  3. Randi, all I have to say is that…you are awesome! I laughed at the “BFD” comment because it took me a while figure out what “BFD” even is!!!


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