The Mommy Superpower


cuddlecollage2I still remember the first time my ‘Mommy Superpower’ was revealed.  We had been parenting for a while, but based on the circumstances and the attachment issues we were battling, it took a while for my power to take hold.  The night it came, though, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

In those first few months when my son fell, or was sad, or when he woke up in the middle of the night, he would call out “Mommy!” “Mommy!”, almost as if by instinct…not really requesting *my* presence, but just someone’s. Understandable, since by this point he had had as many as 4 mommies.  But then there was this one night, with a particularly bad nightmare, when his voice rang out in a slightly different tone.  “Mommy! Come here! I need you!” he called. And when I arrived by his bed, he choked out between sobs, “Where were you?!”  Those 3 or so minutes it took me to wake up and come to him felt like an eternity because he wanted ME.  I took him into my arms and he buried his head into my chest – just like that, the tears stopped flowing and the heaving breaths fell into a calm rhythm.  The peace of a mother’s arms, his mother’s arms, washed over him.

Since that time, my arms, my kisses, and my mere closeness has magically healed playground boo-boos, helped hurt feelings be forgotten, banished monsters under the bed, and halted temper tantrums in their tracks.  Every time I am able to stop my children’s tears from falling with a simple touch, I am humbled. Every time I am able to center my children in a world that seems to be spinning out of control around them with the squeeze of my arms, I am grateful.  Every time that no one else but me will do, I am made aware of the Mommy Superpower that I have been honored with.  The magical, healing, arms of a mother…I think it may be the thing I cherish most.

I can only hope that my children always find such safe solace in my presence and in the comfort of my arms.  I hope the strength of this power never dies, because through it, I have been transformed.

6 comments on “The Mommy Superpower”

  1. Oh this is so beautiful. Makes me rethink how annoyed I sometimes feel when I get that scream in the middle of the night. Thank you.

  2. I love this because I know exactly what you mean. It seems that no matter how upset my kids are, snuggling into my lap makes them feel better (doesn’t work if dad does it), and it really is very powerful how much trust these children have in us. I love the fact that it suddenly came over your son one magical night. That’s when you truly became a family. ❤

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