The Top Ten Ways You Know You Have 2 Kids Under the Age of 5


1. You have conversations about Jake, Sophia, Max and Ruby;

2. You impulsively scream “fire truck” every time you pass one in the car;

3. You say “listening ears” and “use your words” often;

4. You know the backstory of the Avengers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles;

5. You buy more fruit in one grocery trip than you ever thought imaginable;

6. You know ‘how dinosaurs say I love you’ and that ‘dragons love tacos’;

7. You have spontaneous dance parties morning, noon, and night;

8. You know all of the words to ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’;

9. You rate restaurants on the availability of crayons and wikki stix; and

10. You consider a trip to the library and the playground a perfect weekend.

Enjoy your toddlers and Pre-schoolers. I’ve been told it goes fast…and I’m starting to believe it!

7 comments on “The Top Ten Ways You Know You Have 2 Kids Under the Age of 5”

  1. I’ve been pointing out trucks for nine years now…I’m thinking I won’t know how to stop! Great list. ♥

  2. I went to a restaurant that had the wikki stix for the first time the other day. Man…those things gross me out!!!

    And YES on screaming fire truck!!! For us, you can add schoolbus and train to the mix, too!!

  3. Hahaha I only have one kid but related to all of these! And YES to those wikki stix things, wood n tap has them and they keep Lills entertained!

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