It Gets Better


I just want to let you know. If you’re struggling with a newborn who won’t stop crying, if you’re crying more than she is, if the older sibling of this child gets far less attention simply because you are stretched so thin you are about to break, if you are being crushed by the weight of the guilt of that, by the feelings of inadequacy, anger, sadness, if you forget to feed your family until they remind you at bedtime, if you can’t remember the last bath you gave (or took),  if everyone keeps telling you that the baby is just in a phase, is colicky, will sleep through the night ANY MINUTE and you want to stab them because it’s been over two years and still no sleep, if you are so deep in the weeds right now that you feel like you will never surface, that surely you will run out of air, I want to tell you something. I feel you. I have walked a million miles in your shoes. I have felt that despair. I have wondered what was wrong with me. I have wondered if it would ever get better.

One of a million floor naps because… WHATEVER IT TOOK.

I can finally tell you that it does. I can’t promise you when. I think it’s different for all of us, but that’s not the point. Hang on. Don’t let go. Keep showing up. Keep doing the hard work and trust. It’s worth it and it gets better.

Why yes, I sleep! I don’t scream so much at all anymore!

And, in the meantime, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Tell me when and where and I will show up with a bottle and two wine glasses and we’ll hug it out.

10 comments on “It Gets Better”

  1. Thank you. My son is 5 weeks. He is gassy, only sleeps in my arms, hates his crib and bassinet. My hubby works 2nd and 3rd shift and so I let him sleep. I’m slowly losing it and needed your blog. Patiently waiting for that light at the end of the tunnel. Just wait until I go back to work!

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