Octonauts Muffins



Have you ever had a Mom “a ha!” moment when one of your ideas just hits it out of the park and you seriously find yourself #winning at creative parenting?  Yeah, those moments don’t happen often enough for me, but when they do?  I am totally #winning.  Seriously.  Here’s how it all went down- my 3 year old, Jake, goes in character phases- he’ll be obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates for a month, then catch a commercial for Sheriff Callie, and then BAM- he’s now asking for Sheriff Callie toys, and exclusively watching Peck and Toby playing horse shoes instead of Jake, Cubby, and Izzy using pixie dust to save Captain Hook from falling off a cliff.  Right now we are knee deep in Octonauts.  Which I totally am cool with.  Have you seen these little guys?  They’re amazing!  And everything has a face!


*Photo Credit- www.octonauts.com

In addition to watching every single Octonauts episode Disney Jr. offers, we have checked out all of the Octonauts books at our local library.  While reading through The Octonauts & the Frown Fish, we flipped to a page where the Octonauts were baking, mixing, and decorating cupcakes, muffins and cookies.  I pointed out the little creatures mixing blueberry muffins in the left corner of the page, and instantly Jake said, “Let’s make muffins!  I want to make blueberry muffins!”  This then morphed into making Octonauts Muffins!


See the little happy smiling muffins in the bottom left corner?  Witness- the creation of Octonauts Muffins!

One of the best parts about reading to toddlers is that you can help create magic for them.  We turned reading one of his favorite books into a weekend project- making blueberry muffins (read: Octonauts Muffins).  The simple and short activity of reading a book turned into a great afternoon of adventures- First stop, the grocery store to pick up frozen blueberries!  Next, we went to Nonni & Poppy’s house for the day to begin our baking project.  Baking is a family affair over here.  Even Livvy, strapped into the Baby Bjorn, helped out!


I just love how toddler minds work.  An entire afternoon activity born from a little tiny picture of a smiling blueberry muffin.  I challenge you moms out there to get funky with your creativity- pick a book, find a picture and just let yours and your child’s imagination run wild! I especially like the Octonauts series for the beautiful pictures, but Richard Scarry’s Busy Busy Town is also another great choice.  Lots of fun pictures that just lend themselves to limitless activities. Oh, and that killer blueberry muffin recipe we used?  Literally THE BEST Blueberry Muffins you’ll ever have from A Cup of Jo Blog.



5 comments on “Octonauts Muffins”

  1. I am seriously LOVING all these gorgeous photos you’ve been posting! Glad you had so much fun doing this with Jake!

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