April Vacation
April Vacation

Now that we have school aged children, we have learned to ‘split up’ teacher-conference weeks, holidays, and school vacations. We barter and negotiate sick days in real-time, begging for gran’ma-care when we can. Last year I chose poorly. Actually, I didn’t choose anything, I simply wasn’t thinking. I didn’t consider the benefits of taking the last vacation week of the year.

Snow Day
Snow Day

The february vacation week fell in between a series of snow storm and other weather-related events. My work schedule resulted in several days with my children, before a full snow-covered week of vacation. I love my children. I love spending time with them, but, I do need to have some ‘break time’ (and so did they). Needless to say, we all survived well enough. It wasn’t until April that I realized I had inadvertently gotten the short end of the stick. As a result of last year’s school closings, the April vacation schedule was modified and my spouse would benefit from time off. In Spring…without the children. Coincidently, this was the same year my son continued April Fool’s Day throughout the entire month. So, it was like a big funny joke…that wasn’t funny…and I was a little resentful. No matter how much Leave Time you have as a parent, it’s never enough and I admit to ‘hoarding’ every day just in case. So, I spent the first half of the week a little envious of her alone time and the second half a little sad to not be with the family.

This year, we switched. It’s officially my year for April vacation and its a partial vacation week again. I have TWO whole days to myself without children. These days are already planned, but I am excited to simply get a break from the constant-non-stop-schedule life has become. My daughter will get time at her favorite kids place and my son will get plenty of time at the park. We even have one day together as a family, as well as out-of-town guests we are excited to spend time with.

Family Time nk

I do feel a little guilty that my kids won’t have an entire week off for rest. But…they’re young and bounce back quickly!


2 comments on “APRIL VACATION”

  1. Nice! What an awesome balance between personal time and family time. You’re making me totally look forward to taking days off this year. This made me laugh – I definitely “hoard” my vacation days as well! Hope you have a great vacation!

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