Sharing Childhood Joy with My Children


berenstain bears bookI’ve never considered myself a “collector”, so when my mom brought over all of my old children’s books, I was pleasantly surprised to see my collection of Berenstain Bears books. After my mom left, I took the pile of nearly 40 books and placed them on my daughter’s bookshelf. As with most things these days, I was instantly distracted by something or someone in need of my attention and went about the day.

Then, a few nights ago, as my son was choosing a book for us to read before bed, he called my attention to the back of one of the Berenstain Bear books that was in his bookshelf. “Mommy”, he said, “we haven’t read this one, or this one. Where can we get those books?” And that’s when the memories rushed back in.

I vividly remembered looking at the back of the Berenstain Bears book, and felt the excitement of getting to read one of the books on the back cover and build my collection…very smart thinking by Authors, Stan and Jan.

My body filled with joy and I got a huge grin on my face. “Come with me,” I said. “Get this Don…mommy collected the Berenstain Bears books!” Off to Edith’s room we went and there they were. My entire collection! We agreed then and there that we would read each one until we read them all!

The other morning, Don was yelling to me as he often does in the morning. “One minute, Don, one minute…” I was bustling about, brushing teeth and getting people dressed.

“Mommy, I have a surprise for you…”

When I finally entered Edith’s room, there was Don with a huge smile on his face. He had arranged the books to look like one huge back of a Berenstain Bears book. There, spread across Edith’s floor was my entire collection of Berenstain Bear books, all perfectly lined up one next to the other.

It’s funny how something can bring you such joy for two very different reasons at two very different times in your life. It’s both surreal and amazing to get to share the Berenstain Bears with my son. Thanks for keeping my collection, mom!

4 comments on “Sharing Childhood Joy with My Children”

  1. Loveeee this! I remember reading all of those books as a kid too! I must get getting old because I seriously love flashbacks 🙂

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