Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Dying Easter eggs is one of our favorite family traditions.  But each year I buy the coloring kit and and wonder exactly what’s in those dyes and if they’re ok for my family to eat.  This year, I’m trying something new, natural vegetable-based dyes made from leftover onion peels, spices, and berries.  The colors are more muted than the boxed dyes…but the process seems fun and not too difficult – plus, what else am I going to do with the old beets that have been sitting in the refrigerator!

For best results, make dyes and then let the eggs soak in the color overnight in the refrigerator.

Blue –Mix 1 cup frozen blueberries with 1 cup boiling water, bring to room temperature, and remove blueberries and add 3 tablespoons of white vinegar..

Jade Green – Peel the skin from 6 red onions and simmer in 2 cups water for 15 minutes; strain. Add 3 tablespoons of  white vinegar.

Orange – Take the skin of 6 yellow onions and simmer in 2 cups water for 15 minutes; strain. Add 3 tablespoons of white vinegar.

Red-Orange – Stir 2 Tbsp. paprika into 1 cup boiling water; add 3 tablespoons of  white vinegar.

Yellow – Simmer 4 oz. chopped carrot tops in 1-1/2 cups water for 15 minutes; strain. Add 3 tablespoons. white vinegar.

Brown – Add 3 tablespoons vinegar to 1 cup strong coffee.

Pink – Cut 1 medium beet into chunks and add to 4 cups boiling water. Stir in 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and let cool to room temperature; remove beets.

Lavender – Mix 1 cup grape juice and 3 tablespoons of white vinegar.

4 thoughts on “Natural Easter Egg Dyes

  1. How’d this go?? I’m going to make playdough for Lillian and want to use something more natural too, the chemicals used in artificial dyes are pretty bad for you and get absorbed directly through the skin (and obviously by consumption too!). Thanks for this!


    1. Great! We’ve used these recipes for the past two years and they work just fine. It’s fun to experiment with foods and see what works and what colors you can produce. FYI, we eat a lot of egg salad the week after Easter!


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