Are your kids doing chores? Mine… don’t really. I mean, they both want to “help” me do everything. Like, everything. EVERY. THING. OMG, GIVE ME A MINUTE. But, as far as legit daily or weekly chores, they don’t have any. And you know what? I think it’s time they do.

They are almost three and almost five. Is three old enough to make a bed? I’m not talking hospital corners, but more like pulling up her comforter and putting her pillows where they go. That’s doable, right? I want to make sure I’m setting reasonable expectations for each of them.

My plan is as follows. Please feel free to critique as I am in no way an expert or have really any idea at all what I’m doing. At all.


  • make bed
  • put dirty clothes in laundry baskets
  • hang jackets and backpacks
  • put shoes in appropriate baskets
  • clean up toys
  • dust
  • share

Five year old:

  • wipe tables before/after meals
  • sweep kitchen
  • feed fish

These are all in addition to regular daily stuff like brushing teeth, getting dressed, hanging up their towels, stuff like that. Are there more things I could add to the list? Stuff appropriate for the three year old?

I’m planning to use a picture chart with each girl’s name on it. Chores on one side to be moved to the other side when completed. Should I offer some sort of reward or allowance for this stuff? My gut says no because these are all things that need to be done to keep our home running smoothly. (Smoothly. HAHAHAHA!) Like, it’s just stuff we each have to do as members of this family. In that vein, are there chores that better lend themselves to earning allowance? I’m also interested in getting them more involved in actively saving their money.


And finally, how long before I can make them do all the dishes and clean the bathrooms because OMG COUNTING THE DAYS.

3 comments on “Chores”

  1. OMG I so have to get started on this. I like your list ideas. And I’m counting the days until someone besides me is old enough to clean the litter box. Holla!

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