My three favorite baby shower gifts I didn’t know I wanted

Our friends and family were very kind and generous when it came to my baby shower. The shower itself was a beautiful, birdie-themed event, lovingly and thoughtfully hosted by the Aunties and Grandmas. They seriously left no detail out, and much of what decorated the shower ended up decorating our nursery because it was so darn cute. And, we generously received most of the “big stuff” off of our registry, so we were ready to go by the time Baby Boy arrived. Of course, we were up until midnight finishing the nursery the night before our induction date, but no matter. We’ll chalk that up to training for the next few weeks of our lives being up at strange hours of the night with our little newborn.

Just some of the nice details from the shower.  Photo via Christa Allard
Just some of the nice details from the shower. Photo via Christa Allard
A delicious brunch, with more cute birdie details.  Photo via Christa Allard
A delicious brunch, with more cute birdie details. Photo via Christa Allard
The beautiful cake made by my talented friend, Anita.  Photo via Christa Allard
The beautiful cake made by my talented friend, Anita. Photo via Christa Allard

I will say that I am very pleased with the items we chose to include on our registry—the swing, playard, monitor, and stroller are indispensable and worth their weight in gold. There are gifts like the highchair we haven’t yet had the opportunity to use, but there’s peace of mind knowing we have one to use as soon as Baby Boy begins exploring solid foods. And, we received so many beautiful handmade blankets, winter hats and baby booties from our talented and crafty relatives; priceless gifts that we use often and ones we can hopefully pass down to Baby Boy’s babies when the time comes.

There are three gifts I received, however, that were not on my registry but are probably my favorite. There is something to be said about purchasing a gift from a registry—obviously, the new parents requested it and need it. Practical gifts like a diaper pail and crib sheets are important and necessary, and the handmade gifts are ones we’ll always treasure. But I received three gifts specifically that I hadn’t requested, but that ended up being just what I needed.

  1. A seemingly unlimited supply of diapers and wipes.

In the invitation, the hosts requested that my shower guests bring a package of either diapers or wipes in exchange for an entry into a drawing for a prize. Genius, people. It’s so nice to reach into our closet and pull out a package of diapers just when we think we’ve run out. This past week was the first week I had to buy diapers for Baby Boy, and he’s one week shy of four months old. I’d say that was pretty good! Plus, once he grows into a bigger size, then we have plenty of those waiting in his closet. It’s going to be a long time before I’ll have to regularly buy these items, and I silently thank my family every day for thinking of including this detail in my shower.

  1. A robe

In the first few weeks of Baby Boy’s life, I lived in robes and wrap tops that made endless breastfeeding a bit more comfortable. My mother-in-law brought a new robe to the hospital after I had Baby Boy, and it was almost luxurious to have a cozy new robe to slip into during those wintery days.

  1. A wristlet purse

My sister-in-law gave me a pretty Vera Bradley wristlet purse, the perfect size for all of the essentials—my cards and driver’s license, some cash, and my phone, keys and lip gloss. I now use this wristlet as my wallet, and it’s perfect for when I need to run into the bank or the drugstore for something quick, and don’t want to lug my entire diaper bag arsenal of stuff plus Baby Boy in his heavy car seat. I can literally grab the wristlet and go. Perfect!

Did you also receive any new-momma gifts you never knew you wanted?

5 thoughts on “My three favorite baby shower gifts I didn’t know I wanted

  1. Yes to all three! Three little lifesavers for a new Momma! I received two gifts that were total lifesavers- a Skip Hop diaper clutch that expands out to a changing station, yet fits into my big handbag, and a snap & go stroller that the car seat sits in while you’re going to the store. amazing!


  2. One of my girlfriends made me a “New Parent Emergency Kit” – it had baby Tylenol, Motrin, gas drops, gripe water, all kinds of rash creams & ointments, teething gel, different types of clippers, binkies, so on and so on. We hadn’t registered for these items as we figured we’d just run out and grab them as needed. Well, there were a few “in the middle of the night” emergencies where “just running out” wasn’t really an option – it was SO nice to have these items on hand. We were staunchly “anti-binky” because I was so determined to make breastfeeding work and didn’t want anything to get in the way. Well…after a few days and nights of her being inconsolable and us newbies at our wits end of no sleep, we hurriedly ripped into a binky package, sterilized one, and in her mouth it went. It was magical to get a couple hours of sleep b/c the sucking really soothed her. I found that a lot of times, she had been nursing to self-soothe. My friend included a little bit of everything, knowing that every baby requires different things. Now, I try to give something similar for each baby shower I attend! 🙂


  3. Yes! The diaper and wipes thing is genius. We also got a few packs of those white disposable diapers but used them as burp clothes and those were SO helpful!


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