Four Signs that the World Wants More Happiness

Lately I’ve been noticing signs that the people of the world are craving more happiness, more inner peace and more kindness. It feels like there’s been a shift somehow, like the masses are just fed up with negativity & divisiveness and want things to be different. Here are four signs that, in my opinion, demonstrate this shift towards a happier, more positive society.

#1: The success of website’s that promote positive, inspiring stories.

Over time I’ve been trying to reduce my exposure to certain things that severely impact my mood in a negative way.  One of the first things I did was I stopped obsessively reading the news because let’s face it, the news only reports the bad stuff and I’m a bit of an emotional sponge so I just felt sad every time I clicked on CNN or the other sites I use to frequent. Now I stick to local news sites and limit how often I read them. Considering that I am definitely a news junkie and like to know what’s going on, this was a big deal for me.

Reducing the amount of time I was spending on news sites does help me not get so stuck on all the crappy stuff in the world. What also helps is knowing that over the past few years more & more website’s have popped up that are full of wonderful, positive stories. The Good News NetworkUpworthy and Soul Pancake (the channel that produces Kid President) are three of my favorite’s and I check those sites out when I need a reminder of the good in the world. I think other people are feeling this way too. When I’ve talked to people about how I have a hard time watching the traditional news media, I often hear that they feel the same way.

Here’s one of my favorite videos I discovered via Upworthy:

#2: The success of Pharrell’s video Happy.

If you haven’t seen this music video you must be living under a rock (I’ll wait while you go watch it now). This song is one of my daughter’s favorites and really has taken the world by storm. There are tons and tons of response videos and covers of it. I’ve actually seen Pharrell on The Ellen Show twice talking about his song and each time he’s cried. He’s cried because people all over the world have embraced his message and it’s so incredibly beautiful. Why has the video had over 223 million views? Because people want to hear music with a positive message. We’ve been so starved of positivity in the music scene and the media in general that when this song came out we all just ate it up (and continue to do so!)

Here’s one of my favorite covers:

#3: More & more women aren’t falling for the media’s f*cked up beauty standards.

A little over two years ago we did our own photo shoot to show moms what non-photoshopped post-baby bodies look like, and it went crazy viral. There’s really been an emergence of women who do not want to buy into this unattainable ideal that we should all be white, stick thin, blond and blue-eyed. I’m constantly inspired when I see new projects like 4th Trimester Bodies because I know they are having an enormous impact on people. More and more of us are standing up to the media by saying enough is enough!

Throwback to our post-baby body photo shoot!


I follow a website called Brooke: Not On a Diet and the other day I saw a story she posted on Facebook. Shape magazine had reached out to her and wanted to use a photo of her in an upcoming issue because she’s so inspirational (having lost well over 100 pounds in a healthy way). They had interviewed her and had everything set up. When she sent them her photo (at their request) they responded by ASKING HER FOR A PHOTO WITH HER SHIRT ON. OMG.  Because you know, women should be ashamed of our bodies and just keep our shirts on if we don’t fit some ridiculous beauty ideal. That makes my blood boil.


But you know what Brooke did? She gave them the finger (figuratively) and said ‘if you won’t use my picture as is then I don’t want to be in your magazine!’ She was willing to forgo some pretty big exposure in honor of her ideals and I want to give her a million thumbs up for her choice. She said no to body shame and in doing so has inspired so many people (including me). Every time someone stands up to societal pressure to look and be a certain way, the world becomes a better, happier place.

#4: The response to our Campaign for Judgment-Free Motherhood.

Mamas from all over the world keep stumbling upon our campaign. I still occasionally get emails from people telling me how much they love our “Let’s Love More & Judge Less” message and it’s been a beautiful, surreal experience. That campaign went viral several times and on March 4th of this year we celebrated Moms for Moms Day in which moms from all over the country uploaded positive, supportive messages for other moms.

judge less

I think the reason our campaign has resonated with people is because every single person knows how it feels to be judged. Every mom knows how it feels to have her parenting criticized. And you know what? There is not a single person who likes to be judged. Not a single one. Moms want communities in which they feel connected & supported without criticism and judgement. And we hear you. We agree. And that’s why we’ll continue to make sure this website is a place that fosters an environment of love and sisterhood.

7 thoughts on “Four Signs that the World Wants More Happiness

  1. Yup. You are totally right. I see lots of negative stuff at my job and recent events in my life have caused me to seek out more positive stuff. As a result, I have been slowly gaining a different, more hopeful perspective. And I love supportive moms. And I love this post. So glad to be a part of this group of women.

    (And if I didn’t think that Shape totally sucked before because of this:, then I totally do after reading what you wrote.)


  2. I love this post. I do think we should have a positive things in our lives. The best post you have written. Keep the post coming. I love the bumper sticker you sent me. I have that sticker on my car and I like to let me to love more and judge less. Thanks again and thank you for being my sister.


  3. Love this! And I love you for all that you do to bring positivity to this world! “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ❤️


  4. I love, love, LOVE this post!!! And YES, I agree that the world is sick of the negative bullshit (that the media SAYS we should be focusing on) and instead are looking for true, authentic happiness! YES! People are shifting all over the world! I’m seeing it and I LOVE this post that is proof others are seeing it too! YES!!! I love you, Michelle!!!!


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