Teaching Our Children About Kindness on Mother’s Day [Photos]

Yesterday wrapped up 11 days of kindness here at CT Working Moms and what a wonderful experience it was! Each day for 10 days we gave readers a new random act of kindness idea on our Facebook page and yesterday, on Mother’s Day, we performed over 100 random acts of kindness with our children. For me, it’s important to teach my daughter about the importance of kindness starting at an early age. I’m incredibly proud to say that this past Mother’s Day marked 1 year since I started doing kindness activities with her and this girl is now a professional at making people happy!

A team of our bloggers headed out to different spots over the weekend, all with the goal of making some moms happy and teaching our children that the happiness of others matters. Some of us went to nursing homes, others went to random public spots. I can only speak for myself but it amazes me that the simple act of giving someone a flower with no strings attached makes people really, really happy. Add in that our children were the ones handing out flowers and we had moms and grandmas hearts melting. Our blogger Elise even texted me and said one of the women her children gave a flower to broke down crying. Seriously people, small acts of kindness can mean so much to others.

So without further ado, enjoy these heart warming photos and perhaps you’ll find yourself inspired to do something nice for others with your kids, too.

We started out by picking up 100 roses at Whole Foods. Thank you to Whole Foods West Hartford, Whole Foods Glastonbury and Whole Food Bishops Corner for supporting us! They really do have the BEST floral department (of which I frequent).


We lovingly attached this special note to each flower:


And then all of us went to different spots!


image (2)

image (1)


That’s my girl in the black and yellow top with her pal Zoey!







I love this woman’s total surprise:




This grandma also requested a hug!





When I saw this photo of our blogger Mary Grace’s daughter I cried:


Kindness is so powerful. By engaging in these kinds of activities both the giver and the receiver feel happier and more connected to others. When I put my daughter to bed last night she said, “Mommy I love giving people flowers and making them happy.” Me too sweetheart, me too.

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