The Perfect Weekend


The past few weeks have been a blur for me – it’s been incredibly busy and time has just flown by. This week, between traveling to Baltimore, New York City and various points throughout Connecticut, Teacher Appreciation Week, a dress rehearsal for my singing group’s concert (The Wilton Singers), the actual concert on Friday and Saturday, and Mother’s Day yesterday, free time has been virtually nonexistent. However, my busy week was wrapped up with the most perfect weekend that I’ve had in a long time, so this is just a post to say THANK YOU to everyone around me who made this weekend what it was.

Our perfect weekend (that is me in the background carrying my son who lost his shoes in the water and then complained about the shells hurting his feet!)

My perfect weekend started with some of my closest friends. These are people who have been with me through most stages of my adult life – from marriage, to graduate school, to career, to children – and with them, I have witnessed different stages of life in general. These friends cross all ages and if you saw us all together, you would probably say that we are a motley crew. These friends have taught me what life is really about. This weekend, we celebrated both an end of an era as we said goodbye to a dear friend, and new beginnings as we said hello to what is to come. To these friends, I am truly thankful for everything that you have given me over the years, and in particular for the laughter that we have shared. (And a personal note to PT, who has known me longer than any of these friends: my love for music and everything that this group represents to me is, in large part, because of you – you were instrumental in making music an enormous part of my life almost 25 years ago. You taught me that music is about a love for what we do, not about a skill. It is the only reason that I have stayed with it for this long, and one of the main reasons why I sought out this group when I moved back to the area. For this and everything else, thank you.).

This weekend’s theme

Last year, Mother’s Day was a bit of a bust. I’m not one that likes receiving gifts – I don’t particularly need bling (I never wear it), I hate being pampered (I had an appointment for a massage this weekend which I cancelled because I felt that it was a waste of money, and that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it), and I never use gift certificates. Because of this, hubby did NOTHING last year, not even a card from the kids, thinking that I wouldn’t want to make a big deal of it. However, since having kids, I’ve become particularly sappy and crave things that will stay with me; something that I can remember forever. After seeing how disappointed I was last year, he really pulled through with an awesome day and an awesome practical gift – a floor cleaner (no joke! I’ve been drooling over it for WEEKS. This is after he bought me a new dryer for our 15th year wedding anniversary (also something I’ve been drooling over!) just a few weeks ago.).

The BEST Mother’s Day gift ever (no joke!)!

Our day yesterday was capped off by endless “sand castles” (that’s what my kids called them!! To me, they looked like sand blobs) at Compo Beach, popsicles that stained our lips a nasty shade of green, chocolate chip pancakes with scrambled eggs and bacon for dinner at a local diner, and cartoons before bedtime. When I tucked my kids into bed last night, my daughter sighed and said, “This was the BEST day ever!”

Yes, dear Bree Bree. This WAS the best day ever. In fact it was one of the best weekends ever. It was truly the perfect weekend because I was surrounded by love, music and happiness, and if you caught me at any moment in time over the weekend, you would have seen that I had a smile on my face.

3 comments on “The Perfect Weekend”

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Vivian. Thank you for sharing this. You capture the essence of what I think so many millions of moms around the world crave in our lives – joy, fun, authenticity (being free to be who we really are), friendship, love, appreciation, giving to others, being fully present (rather than pulled in 10,000 directions) and finally – relishing the precious, fleeting moments of our lives. Thanks for sharing this, and for sharing your beautiful voice, spirit and energy every week in our amazing Wilton Singer community. I’m lucky to call you my friend!

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