Turning Six



Every birthday so far!
Every birthday so far!

In just 8 days, my daughter turns 6. I can’t count the number of times in the past month that I’ve uttered “I can’t believe my baby is going to be 6!” It’s going by so fast. This year has brought so many changes with it, some that are awesome, and some that are not so much. I thought I’d share a few with you.

OMG she can read! When she started kindergarten, I was worried about how much pressure they put on these little ones to keep up with new academic standards. But I am so impressed with how much my daughter knows now. She can easily read a book by herself now. It is just so cool. The best part is that she still loves it when I read to her too. Our bedtime story rituals help me to feel like I still have a hold on her baby years just a tiny bit. So I feel like I’m getting the best of both worlds. Of course, this also means that my husband and I can’t spell out the words we don’t want her to know we’re talking about anymore. S-H-I-T.

She hates her hair. And her clothes aren’t good enough. Yikes. When did she turn into a teenager? I’m at a loss for how to help her with this. “I hate my hair! You never understand Mommy!” Okay. I see you and I hear you. I just don’t know what to say to you to make you stop screaming. You’re in kindergarten. How fancy do you want your clothes to be?? In the mornings, I’ve just gotten in the habit of steering her away from the bathroom mirror and keeping a handy supply of barrettes in my pocket.  I’ve also learned to stop suggesting pigtails.  They just don’t fly when you’re six.

She is curious about her body and everyone else’s body. She’s fascinated by boobies, hers and mine (“Look! Mine go in and yours stick out!”). Yeah. That’s fun. She wants to know how she was born and how she came out of my tummy. “Tell me NOW! I need to know how I came out!” Impatience and curiosity make a wonderful pair.

Everything is frustrating. Going to bed, eating her dinner, not being able to play on her tablet RIGHT NOW. And oh my god, putting shoes and socks on. All of these requests earn me a look from her that can only be described as “Crazy-eyed wolf bearing teeth while having to poop.”

She doesn’t want anything “princess-y” for her birthday. She wants Ninja Turtles, race cars…oh and a Bitty Baby doll ($80 baby doll? Oh hell no.) Although this news came as quite a shock to me, I love that she’s branching out and moving away from the stuff she’s always wanted.  But I have no idea what to do with Ninja Turtles or race cars. I’m a total girly-girl and have no clue how to play with this stuff! I guess we’ll learn together. She also asked us for clothes. Huh?  What 6-year old wants clothes?  One that wants to drive me insane, I think, since she then said that she doesn’t like jeans. Or leggings.  Or pants with buttons.  My mom described this as “Karma.”

The songs. Oh the songs. I love how everything can be turned into a song. And that she sings like no one’s watching. I especially love catching her looking at herself in the mirror when she’s performing. It’s adorable. I’m not even sick of her rendition of “Let It Go” yet. No, really. I’m not. (Yes, I am. Someone. Help. Me.) If you want to hear it for yourself, just ask her. She’ll bust it out for you, Broadway-style hand gestures and all. That’s my girl. Just like Mommy taught you.

She is incredibly well-behaved. She is kind and helpful, too. I am so grateful for this. We recently spent some time with Michelle’s family and her husband made it a point to tell me how polite Zoey is and that she even threw her own garbage away after lunch. Proud Mama moment, let me tell you. Michelle was worried that Zoey would be bored playing with her almost 3-year old daughter. But after about a minute, those fears were put to rest as they engaged in a serious game of hide and seek. This play time gave Zoey the opportunity to be the big sister, which was awesome for my only child. It worked out perfectly.  The whole experience made me feel like I was doing something right.  (Yeah, I just took credit.)

There’s so much more to love about this soon-to-be-six girl, but I’m going to keep some of it to myself. I’m happy that I can be her mom and witness it all, the fun and the more fun. I’m looking forward to learning so much more about what it means to be six. Happy birthday, Kid. (And sorry, you’re not getting the Bitty Baby. Do I look crazy?)

Zoey and Lillian getting ready for some kindness!
Zoey and Lillian getting ready for some kindness!

6 comments on “Turning Six”

  1. LOVE that photo of the girls and that collage is so adorable! Happy birthday to your dear Zoey.

    PLEASE do not tell me that pigtails don’t work anymore at 6!!!!!! I LOVE seeing my girlie in pigtails; I will be heartbroken when it goes away!

  2. Happy Birthday Zoey! I confess the “everything is frustrating” is SO hard for me to handle. Ekes! If she needs a ninja turtles playmate, I can totally provide:).

  3. This post made me laugh but also frightened the pants off of me, as my daughter turned three today. I love your sense of humor, Kriste. And happy birthday to your little lady!

  4. This is adorable!! What a great kid…AND what a great mom! Happiest of birthdays to Zoey!! My favorite quote (from Winnie the Pooh) about this age: “But now I am Six, I’m as clever as clever,
    So I think I’ll be six for ever and ever.” 🙂

  5. Happy birthday Zoey! I loved reading this post and I MELTED when I saw the photo of our girls together! I’m so glad they had such a great time with each other. Lills keeps telling me all about Zoey now 🙂

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