Two tips and a style steal.


Alright ladies, I’ve got some news for you that will launch you into supermom status for sure.  And a bonus style tip that will make you look fabulous while saving the world.

Tip #1:  Chicken tenders are your mommy secret weapon

I just stumbled on this time saver last weekend.  Chicken tenders.  Not the breaded ones you get in the freezer section, the part of the chicken that gets cut off the breast part.  Buy chicken tenders.  Every week.  Hear me out:

Every week at the grocery store buy a pack of chicken tenders.  Bring them home and pound them out with a mallet. (Imagine someone or thing that has bugged you that day to get out some extra aggression.)  Put some salt and pepper or other seasoning on them if you feel so moved.  Fire up the grill or the pan on the stove and cook them up.  This whole process from start to finish shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.  I promise.

Why did I just make you do this?  Because now you  have cooked chicken ready to go for lunch, dinner, salad, a picky kid who doesn’t like what you made, or the freezer.  You can individually wrap them in the freezer too so you’re not waiting to defrost a hunk of frozen meat for dinner at 5:30, again (not that I speak from experience here).

I discovered this gem when I was thinking about what I could send to a family member who was in need of some meal assistance. This was perfect and would be a great thing to send to a new mom you’re cooking for too.

I apologize for not having pictures of this, you see I’m a mommy blogger not a foodie blogger so I never remember to take pictures of the food I cook.

Tip #2:  Wash your face when you get home from work

This tip might be a new idea to only me but I thought it was genius.  I wear makeup.  (No this is not the tip.)  The issue with makeup wearing is that I often forget to take it off and then I’m lying in bed tired like a mother thinking “I really should get back up and wash my face.”  I hardly ever do it though and my face has seen the damage as a result.  Just last week I had a revelation that will save my face and maybe yours too.  I change into comfy clothes everyday when I get home from work, and also hide in the bathroom from the kids for at least 5 minutes.  While I’m in there I can wash my face!   Ladies this was an A-Ha moment for me.  Why did I never think of this before?  Again, no picture.  Do you really wanna see me wash my face?  I think not.

Style Steal:

I pinned this bag about a year ago:


It’s no longer available but at the time I think it was $150.  Not bad, but not in my price range for a mom bag.  So imagine my amusement when I stumbled onto this beauty on Amazon:

Almost the same bag for $30!  Shut up!  I jumped at the chance to add it to my cart when I had to buy a book to replace the library book Kitten destroyed and scoop up the much-coveted/often-sold out Elsa doll to hide away for Lovey’s birthday.  The bag is big enough to hold all the mommy necessities and it also holds the iPad I lug back and forth to work. Just today alone I’ve gotten two compliments on it.  Which always helps me validate my purchases.


Got any great supermom tips to share?  I’d love to hear them!

7 comments on “Two tips and a style steal.”

  1. OMG this post is brilliant. 1) stocking up on chicken tenders today. 2) OF COURSE! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS?!!!? Seriously. This is freaking GENIUS. 3) Don’t think for one hot second that I didn’t just one-click the crap out of that bag on Amazon. BECAUSE I DEFINITELY DID.

  2. Great tips. I need to wash my face when I get home more often. Like you, I often forget and then remember when I’m laying in bed and have no motivation to get back up.

  3. I always change to comfy clothes and wash my face when I get home. Too exhausted later in the night. It’s life changing for sure!

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