Guaranteed Mood Boosters, a video collection.

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I’ve shared that recently my mood hasn’t been the greatest.  It is getting better but I have had to rely on focusing on things that make me happy.  That may or may not include increased emotional eating and retail therapy.  You don’t’ think the two are related, do you?  But I digress.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite mood boosting videos.  These clips are all guaranteed to put you in a good modd while you watch, that just might help it stay that way.  Most of these are safe to watch with your family.

Gene Kelly on roller skates.

I don’t know how I first learned of this clip but we’ve watched it countless times.  If I had half the talent that man had, in anything…wow.


Sneezing panda.

Because, why not.  Makes me laugh every time.


Jimmy Fallon/Emma Stone lip sync battle. (not kid safe-naughty language)

I’m sure you’ve seen this one because it went viral a few weeks ago.  It’s out of control.  Let’s just say I have a new found appreciation for Emma Stone and the song Hook.


Tibetan Monks break dance for Adam Yauch.

This one went viral recently too and I loved it.  The dancing is insane (have you noticed I’m a sucker for good dancing?  Take notes Honey, take notes.)  These are not real monks, obvi, but the connection to Adam Yauch and his legacy was touching for me.


Kid President.

I love this kid.  Seriously.  I’d love to meet him.  He is truly inspirational at such a young age.  I hope he never stops doing what he’s doing.  Well, I guess that’s not true.  I do want him to go to keep doing great things, whatever they may be, because he has a great story to tell and I want him to keep telling it.  There are dozens of videos that he’s done and they are all fabulous, but I think my favorite is the one for moms that I’ve posted before.  It always reminds me that I’m doing a great job.  You are too.


Oh, alright, here’s another one:

The next time your in the Hartford area Robby let me know, I’ll buy you a corndog.


Seen any good mood boosting videos recently?  I’d love to add to my collection.


1 comments on “Guaranteed Mood Boosters, a video collection.”

  1. Oh Cora this is so timely for me as I’ve not been in a great mood. I can’t wait to find a few minutes to dive into these videos. And I just LOVE kid president!

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