Random Acts of Art


You may have noticed that we kind of love Random Acts of Kindness around these parts.  I try not to let too many days go by without dedicating a moment or two, to randomly putting a smile on someone else’s face.  It has helped me be much more aware of the people around me and I love the connection it provides…even if only for a moment.

So, you can imagine my excitement when my girls came home from school with a note from their art teacher explaining their newest project: Random Acts of Art. Brilliance! I was immediately all in and had to know more.

She described her inspiration as follows,

A few months ago, I experienced a random act of kindness.  The person ahead of me in the drive-thru line at Dunkin’ Donuts paid for my order.  It touched me so much, I started thinking about all the ways I could pay it forward and how I could pass along this wonderful feeling.  Then I thought of it; a way to use our school’s focus [on museum studies] to help teach students how to spread the good word of art awareness (and how important it is to our students).

image (8) image (9)

So, all students brought home a special piece of art on Friday, with a clothespin attached, and at some point this weekend, those works of art will make their way to a public space. Maybe it will be a grocery store, playground, church…the possibilities are endless!  On the back of the artwork is a note that says “Random Act of Art. Pick me and reclip me!” along with the website, encouraging others to get in on the movement and spread the art where ever they believe it could bring a smile to someone’s face. A number of CT elementary schools and even some in MA and NJ were invited to participate in this exciting project. So keep your eyes out over the next week – you never know when you may encounter the art mob!

Our goal is to get the general public involved in art awareness and hope to help them see how important art is to our children, our world, our future!

Passionate teachers and passionate kids, joining forces to spread happiness – what could be better than that?!

Visit http://museumacademy.wikispaces.com/Random+Acts+of+Art to find out more!

4 thoughts on “Random Acts of Art

  1. Wow! I so love this! Surprises in unexpected places have the power to completely alter someone’s day – and dare I say it, life! I’m keeping my eyes open for random acts of art!


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