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In case you didn’t know, when you become a mom, you become part of a special club of experts.   You now possess all the knowledge to determine if any illness or bruise is “serious” enough to call a doctor. Case in point: This weekend I was hanging out with CTWM’s founder, Michelle and her daughter. Right away I was put to the test of “Hey, can you look at this bump on Lillian’s hand?” In that moment, I panicked. I mean, I’m not a doctor! But then I remembered—I’m a mom. I know things. So I gave it a look-see and determined that, yup, it needed to be looked at by an actual doctor.

dr is in

Then Monday night, I noticed a red mark on my neck. I have no idea what it came from—a bug? A bee? A tick? The plague? So when the mark of the beast was still there in the morning, the first thought I had was, “I’ll show the moms at work and see what they think it is.” Seriously. Well, that’s actually not 100% true. My real first thought was “how can I show MY mom this and see what she thinks?” but since I was on my way to work anyway, I showed the moms there.

In both cases, there was no real need for an official diagnosis, just the reassurance that it was nothing or that it was something. What is it about being a mom that puts you in this category of experts? I’m so glad that I belong to this group of CT Working Moms because we are always offering each other advice on everything from post-concussion care to “what the hell is this?” It occurred to me that we gravitate towards moms for the advice and second opinion we seek because moms have seen it all. Or at least we hope they have when we’re showing them the creeping crud that’s on our kid’s toe.

I remember being a kid and thinking that my mom could fix anything, whether it was a paper cut or a full-blown stomach bug. I always went to her even as an adult to see what she thought about whatever was wrong with me.  She was Dr. Mom. And that’s the way it is for my daughter now. I’m the fixer of the boo boos, the tummy aches, whatever ails her. It’s a heavy responsibility sometimes. It makes sense though, considering all the other responsibilities that come with being a mom.

As a tribe of moms, we’re here to provide the same services for each other. Chances are, if you or your kid is going through it, some mom you know has seen it or something like it before. If there’s a cut and you need to know if stitches are in order-ask a mom. If the cough is still keeping your child up at night-ask a mom. If you’re wondering if your child will ever sleep in her bed by herself-ask a mom. If you are wondering what your body is doing now that you’ve had kids and omg is this normal?-ask a mom. We really don’t think that our mom friends know everything, but we want to hear from someone else that we’re not crazy. Or that we are—it’s ok, tell us; that’s why we asked YOU! We want reassurance that “This is a thing, right?” before we traipse off to the doctor’s office.

So to my fellow experts, thanks for being there to ease my mind. You’re always the first ones I check with whenever I have something I’m just not sure about.  Who needs WebMD when you’ve got a club like us?



Author’s note: In case of real emergency, you know to call 911, right??

10 comments on “Ask a Mom”

    1. It’s so comforting to know you’re not crazy, right? LOL or that you definitely are crazy…Thanks Jessica!

  1. I always joke that my bookclub needs to recruit a doctor, PA or nurse. We have like 4 lawyers and I hope I never need one of them 🙂

  2. Oh yeah. This couldn’t be more true for me. Please add to the list: “Can I still eat this?” or “Would you still eat this?” or “How much stock do you put in expiration dates?”

    1. LOL thanks Sharlene! I forgot to mention that a side effect of “Ask a Mom” is that you get to see some things you just don’t wanna see!

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