Play Date

My daughter recently went on a date with a new guy. Really cute, super polite, big on hugs. She doesn’t really date much, but mainly because schedules are tough to line up. So I’m glad we were able to make it work this weekend. Especially since that meant I was able to hang out with one of my favorite people, who also happens to be fellow CT Working Mama, Marie.

What originally was going to be a beach day ended up becoming an indoor day. We started out at a very cool, inexpensive kid’s “museum”, geared perfectly toward their toddler / preschooler age. We followed it up with lunch at an ice cream shop located just across the street and a tiny carnival that we just happened to walk by on the way back to our cars.

Patiently waiting for lunch.
Patiently waiting for lunch.

We went to S&S Sweet Treats in downtown Torrington for lunch. They serve salads, peanut butter and jelly, ice cream, and coffee. Sealed the deal for me. With a three year old in tow, a serious need for coffee, and a penchant for anything ice cream, this was an oasis. And it was inexpensive. Double score.

And how nice is it when you can actually find something for the kids to do where parents can talk? So many play dates end up requiring me to chase my daughter down or leaving me completely distracted and tending to her. The combination of Saturday’s activities actually allowed me to relax a little. This is rare. Ahhhhhh. Or maybe it’s just that she’s getting older and more self-sufficient. *weep*


At any rate, I love seeing how other moms do their momming. Play dates allow for a lot of this. One of my criticisms about myself is that I feel like I can be too uptight. I love watching what other people do and always try to be willing to implement new stuff into my regime.  I know I’ve said this before, but I have such respect for moms that are “cool” about stuff. A perfect example of this would be that Marie’s son Jake had chocolate ice cream in a cone. CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM in a CONE, people. INSIDE. Not out in the grass, naked — which is the only way that I would allow that. And he did fine. This will be my next personal goal. Baby steps. CP had a scoop of vanilla in a cup. We’ll get there.

Talking to me about ice cream once her friend has been served.
Talking to me about ice cream once her friend has been served.

Looking forward to many more summertime play dates. And definitely some involving chocolate ice cream.

5 thoughts on “Play Date

  1. […] One of my favorite things to do now that Jake is older (3 and a half- that’s big, people), is to take him on play dates.  We’re kind of new to the play date scene, as I was pregnant with Livvy last summer, so we didn’t get out much aside from a Dairy Queen drive thru trip, and a play date was Jake and myself outside at the water table trying to cool off.  Let me tell you a little something else about play dates- they are also a hidden Momma secret to getting in extra quality time with your girlfriends- Read: girlfriends I hung with before kids and had oh, all the time in the world.  Pretty much any time that I get to hang with one of my BFFs and get our kids playing and running around is a double win.  Hmmm… you may be saying to yourself. Have I read this post before, or am I just having a bad case of deja vu? Nope- it’s not Mommy Brain kicking in, my homegirl Tara posted yesterday about our play date! […]


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