Books, books, and more books

I have written about what we’re reading in the past and figured it’s high time I add an update. My kids are three and almost five years old and this is high on the bedtime reading list in our house right now:

Silverlicious, by Victoria Kann. Olivia’s almost at the tooth fairy stage and this book in the Pinkalicious series is one of her favorites. I like that it teaches a little lesson about being gracious, too.
Where Is Home, Little Pip?, by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. Audrey is obsessed with Pip, a little penguin who inadvertently wanders away from her Mama and Papa and gets lost. She encounters many animals and none of them can tell her, “Where is home?” When her parents finally find her, she realizes that home is not where you are, but who you are with. Warm fuzzies, y’all.
The Day the Crayons Quit, by Drew Daywalt. I cannot do this book justice. It is hilarious and my kids collapse in a fit of giggles every time we read it. Which is almost every night. Basically, the crayons are fed UP with their roles in Duncan’s coloring life and write him long diatribes letting him have it. My favorite? White. “You use me, but why?”
The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. I feel like Olivia really gets this book. It makes her genuinely sad at what a freaking BRAT the boy is to the tree. The tree who gives everything she has and sacrifices so much to make the boy happy. Why then, doesn’t she see that I AM THE TREE?!?! I’M THE TREE, LIV. IT’S MEEEEEE.
Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity, by Mo Willems. Neither of my girls has a stuffed animal lovey, but they do have blankeys. Audrey, in particular.  She finds it so frustrating that the daddys don’t understand why it’s not just a GIVEN that they’ll need to swap bunnies in the middle of the night. I mean, COME ON, DADS.

That’s it, guys. That’s what we’re reading all night every night. I could recite these books to you. Maybe you don’t have these, so fire them up. They’re great! And while you’re at it, help a sister out and let me know what you’re reading night after night. We need to switch it up!

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