My Two Sons


In my previous life, when folks would compare their pets to family members, I confess I found it a little odd.  While I’ve been a pet owner before, it’s mostly been to cats and cats are, well, cats.  Our dog Challenger “Challie”, however, quickly wormed his way into my heart.  However, to actually compare him to your Uncle Fred, really?

My Two Sons
My Two Sons

Yes, really.  I do.  I also now understand everyone before me who ever has.  If I thought you a little odd, please allow me entrance into the club.  I get it now.  My humble apologies.

1. Take, as an example, bedtime.  My two sons jockey for position.  They each need to be in the middle.  It gets serious sometimes.  Just so you know, I’m on the end which means I’m the one with a leg or paw, hitting me in the stomach.

2. In the middle of the day when I sit down, which is rare, I have a company.  My two sons will literally follow me from room to room.  Sometimes even step for step.  I’ve tested it, to try to make feeling suffocated funny, and danced in circles just to see when one or both of them would stop.

3. When anxious, they run around the house in circles.  BOTH.OF.THEM!

4. They also both run around the house in circles if they have to pee and the bathroom isn’t free (or we didn’t get to the door to let Challie out yet).  No, I’m not kidding.

5. When one is feeling something, anything, give it a minute.  They are in tune and play off each other’s energy.  Chaos is about to rein.

6. Which brings me to my next point:  Neither of them knows when enough is enough.  The play always starts friendly and gentle enough, but remember what your parents used to say? “It’s all fun and games until….”

7. They both eat my daughter’s food.  It’s true.  Don’t feel too sorry for her, we’re fairly convinced she “leaves the station unattended” on purpose, but when she walks, one of them takes it.  Meat goes to the dog.  An unfinished apple or banana, Noah is all over it.  Somehow the veggies remain untouched.

8. They are inexhaustible!  Periodically I put a pedometer on my kid just to prove that “I must be fit since I can keep up with him (or at least not pass out)!”  Seriously, that kid can walk over 20,000 steps daily without a reason.  Similarly, I can count on the dog to keep me company on a 12 mile run.  He can likely make it longer, it’s me that hasn’t stepped up the game.

They seem to be in some sort of pact about early morning wake up.  Really guys, can we at least wait until AFTER 6am?  The ladies of the house are about done waking with the rising with the sun.

Both melt into cuddles and snuggles and soak it all up, and both are jealous as can be when they see the other one getting a little solo love.  Which brings me back to #1: fighting for position.

Truth is, the household does somehow feel a little more complete with Challie in it.  He seems to have met his quirky human match to play out the rest of his days.  Now if I can just figure out how to walk from one room to the other without tripping over one of my two sons!


3 comments on “My Two Sons”

  1. Oh this is so cute! I’ve never had a dog but my daughter and husband want one someday. Sounds like he’s really become part of the family!

  2. I am a dog lover, so I can totally appreciate how you feel about your newest “son”. He’s so lucky to have such a great home. Also — I love his name!

  3. At least they’re both potty trained. I have to admit I enjoy watching the three of you together!

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