Fun Indoor 4th of July Projects

As we are approaching the 4th of July, it looks like Mother Nature will be launching a fireworks extravaganza of her own up here in New England.  Complete with torrential rainfall, wind, and flood warnings, our Friday, the 4th of July is not lookin’ too good.  What was sure to be an outdoor water park atmosphere at our house on Friday with family, now looks like it’s going to be an indoor craft project expo!  In light of the forecast, I headed over to my favorite Dollar Store, and craft supply store, and picked up a bunch of great indoor project ideas for our Fourth.  Don’t worry- there’s still time for you, too!  Head on out before the rain hits, and snag some great indoor play ideas for you and your kids.  Our CT Working Moms Blogger, Sarah, really struck gold with her craft projects for the 4th, and what I think, are pretty much great for the entire month of July, with its patriotic theme!



Puzzles!  Check out the Dollar Store for puzzles for kids of all ages- adults included.  Set up a puzzle station and guests can mingle with their food and drink, and chat around an open puzzle.  Rain or shine, a puzzle station is a great way to bring people together at a party.  Kids can join in the fun, too- pick up a few age appropriate puzzles for the kids to have their own station.  By the end of the party you may have a complete picture!

Rock Painting!  Go on a rock hunt with your kids, wash and dry them, grab some kid-friendly paints and brushes, and paint away!!  This works out great if you’re at the beach, or, in your backyard pre-BBQ.  Crayola makes some great washable kid paints that won’t mess up your dining room table.  If you have some googly eyes, you can even make your own pet rock family.

Oven-Baked Modeling Clay!  Sculpey clay squares are at your craft stores, and kids love them!  You can make small animals, cars, and pretty much whatever you can make with your imagination and a few blocks of clay.  Bake at 275 degrees for 15 minutes, and you’ve got a permanent little set of tiny new toys!

Dollar Store Dance Party!  With the 4th of July right here, the Dollar Stores are fully stocked with fun patriotic items.  While fireworks may scare the littlest of kids, they can still enjoy light up activities-  Glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow necklaces, and glow wands are available right now!  Turn off the lights and pull the shades, throw on some fun dance music, and break out the glow sticks!  The kids will love an indoor dance party, rain or shine!

4th of July Baking!  You may have been trolling Pinterest to find patriotic dessert ideas.  Don’t sweat it this year- check out these fun and easy last minute, easy prep baking (and NO BAKING) ideas to bring to your BBQ  Sometimes the easy treats are the best treats!  I’ll be bringing this beauty to a party this weekend, and no 4th of July party is complete without the traditional FLAG CAKE!

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