Enlightenment: Raw and Uncensored Part 3


I’ve been looking forward to today’s topic, as it was the most unexpected, most surprising, and most delightful discovery in my spiritual journey. Today (as I mentioned in Part 2) I’m talking about how enlightenment/awakening is not about TRANSCENDING our humanity, but IMMERSING ourselves into it. What the hell does that mean?

When most people (me included) think about enlightenment and spiritual awakening they get this picture in their head of someone who is all blissed out, calm, peaceful, serene, and even-keeled. Probably these enlightened people have given up their material goods, eat only fruits and veggies and green tea. They make the tiniest carbon foot-print. They don’t drink alcohol or eat junk food or yell at their kids even. They probably greet the day with a smile, do yoga and meditate regularly and gracefully go through out their lives, never fighting or raising their voice. They have infinite patience and have no desires as they’ve risen above those Earthly things.

This is how I thought I would be when I was spiritually awakened. Thank GAWD I was WRONG! There is nothing wrong about any of those things I mentioned above…except I will never be/do that. It’s just not in my nature and thankfully, early in my journey I realized I didn’t have to pretend I was something I was not to become enlightened.

One of the things that set me free from my false illusion of enlightenment was learning about the ascended master St. Germain. St. Germain is a legendary spiritual master, noted for his abilities as an alchemist (among other things) and for his longevity…and he is also known for his LOVE of partying! St. Germain loved to drink, feast, have sex and live in luxury. Indeed, he was one who believed that as humans we should partake in all of life’s Earthly pleasures. Now that’s MY kind of saint! What’s the point of being here, in this body, on this Earth to deprive ourselves of the gifts and pleasures that life has to offer us? This may not resonate with everyone, but it CERTAINLY resonates with me.

For many years I read only channeled information from ascended masters, angels and star-beings. At this point in my life I’ve given most of that up except for one or two sources who still strongly resonate with me. The channeled material of Adamus St. Germain is one of them. He’s raw and uncensored himself and encourages us to drink as much wine and eat as many cookies as we want, because we are human and should enjoy ourselves…especially during this crazy, chaotic times of global awakening. (Obviously, this info is not for everyone. Proceed at your own risk. And only if you want to enjoy yourself.)

As I become more FULLY my AUTHENTIC self and IMMERSE myself into my humanity I’ve found:

* That I’m not as nice as I’d been pretending to be. Being “nice” was part of my people-pleasing persona and most of the time what I thought was “nice” was actually fake. Being “nice” all the time was not honoring my authenticity. This was an interesting layer to shed and it led to me…

* Embracing my inner bitch. If I’m truly going to be authentic (as enlightenment is really about YOU being authentically YOU at all times), then I have to speak out and stand up for myself when needed. Contrary to being even-keeled, gentle and patient, sometimes enlightenment demands you to shine a light on the bull-shit. And believe me, as you raise your vibration, your bull-shit meter gets very honed.  I’ve told more than one doctors’ office/vet/dentist/store/landscape business/school OFF over the years for flinging their false fears all over me.  I won’t tolerate that shit anymore and for me, I HAVE to speak my truth.


(I haven’t punched anyone yet…though I have certainly wanted to…lol.)

* That I REALLY enjoy the idea of alcohol. Notice I said the “idea.” To me alcohol represents celebration and relaxation. I will absolutely drink a beer or hard lemonade with you at lunch, at the playground, or over dinner. I may not finish it and truthfully I can take it or leave it, but I have no guilt around alcohol at all. It’s celebration and freedom to me. It’s fun! As Benjamin Franklin said (who was also very spiritual), “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Cheers, Ben.

* That I really, really like swearing. As I become more authentically myself I have embraced my sailor mouth…and in fact, have come to cherish it as a part of who I am. I like swearing when I’m mad but I REALLY love swearing when I’m happy. Nothing says happiness like the phrase “I fucking love you so much!” Yes, swearing has become a big part of immersing myself into my humanity.

* That I also really like sex, luxuries, pretty things, pleasure and my desire for “things.”

I could go on and on. But my point is, yes, as I grow into my enlightenment I’m not bothered by things that used to really stick in my craw, I’m able to see the bigger picture of things, not get involved in emotional drama, let things go much easier, and find more ease in my life….but I’m also swearing, drinking, and calling people out on their bull-shit. AND I don’t recycle either! (Enlightened people know that a new consciousness will save the Earth, not sorting our garbage.)

We can be EXACTLY who we are and become enlightened. Because, truthfully, the only thing we need to become enlightened is to love ourselves EXACTLY as we are right now and KNOW that we are perfect in all our imperfections. We are HUMAN. We are IMPERFECTLY PERFECT. And dammit…we should ENJOY ourselves while we are here.

Damn, I love you. Drink, anyone?


7 thoughts on “Enlightenment: Raw and Uncensored Part 3

  1. You know I am over here just soaking up these enlightenment posts! I’m love swearing too and can appreciate you acknowledging the difference in being nice for nice’s sake / allowing yourself to be walked over and being your true nice self. Thanks, Kate!


  2. Okay, I confess, I’m a little disappointed that enlightenment won’t bring me infinite patience and the ability to walk gracefully throughout my days. Drat! 🙂 I do love your encouragement to remain ourselves. What a relief! Now if that can be WITH infitite patience and grace….


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