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I like to tease my father and my husband about their willingness to pick things up off the trash heap and bring them home to me. But when I started to write this post and started to really think about all the great things they’ve gotten, I realize that they’ve found some real gems.

Before we were even married, my husband showed up with a dog crate he found on the side of the road. We didn’t have a dog or have any real plans to get a dog. Even though we don’t have a basement and have only a small one car garage, we held onto the dog crate and ended up using it for this cutie.

Next my husband brought home some soccer nets. I don’t even think we had any kids yet when he grabbed these. He’s recently restrung the nets after storing them for four years and we’ve been running around the backyard screaming GGOOOOOOAAAALLLLLL. Too bad we can’t cheer for the U.S.A. anymore.

6-23-14 M soccer net

I hesitated to buy a double jogging stroller because let’s get serious – I’m not doing much jogging and that sucker is too darn big to take to the mall. And I’m cheap. My cheapness paid off and my dad came home with this double jogging stroller that he found on the side of the road!


Make no mistake - these registration numbers are for a kids' parade, not a foot race.
Make no mistake – these registration numbers are for a kids’ parade, not a foot race.

A few weekends ago, my husband took the little one for a walk, came home and then promptly disappeared. Ten minutes later he shows up with this baby sticking out of the back of my SUV. With a little cleanup and spider relocation, it’s as good as new.



I have been having trouble finishing things since going back to working 40 hours a week, so this blog post has been a few weeks in the making. Since starting this blog post, I’ve heard lots of fun stories from friends about awesome things they’ve picked up on the curb. I also really like a couple of Facebook groups I’m in where members buy, sell and trade kids’ things. It’s great to see things go on to live a second (or third) life with a new family of kids. What treasures have you found? How do you pass along big ticket items like these that your kids are no longer using?



7 comments on “New To Us”

  1. I pride myself on being thrifty and LOVE tag sales and always keep an eye on road-side free stuff! My girlfriend always cleans out her house (and regularly includes really GOOD stuff) by putting it on her curb. It disappears immediately! I tried it once myself. We put out a weird, unfinished side table and a VCR. *POOF* Mere minutes and it was gone. Great post! (And my husband is exactly the same! although he doesn’t always bring home winners!) One man’s trash …

  2. Over the years we’ve found some great stuff curbside. I am always trying to give away stuff that Z has outgrown. Maybe the curb is the way to go!

  3. My mom finds lots of goodies at the “Put and Take” at the land fill. People drop off their items that aren’t garbage but they have no need for. I used to think it was gross but now that I see the ridiculous prices of children’s (and often with lots of Lysol) we have got some great finds. Most recently her finds have included a baby swing, a high chair and a booster seat.

  4. WHOA! He found a double jogging stroller in good condition on the side of the road? Seriously, what a score!

  5. We are blessed to get lots of like goodies from my bio-mom, who’s whole family often shops roadside. Our best find to date has been a substantial addition to our Thomas the Train collection. Enough for generations to come for sure!

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