Blogger Style: Summer Sales!

Greetings lovelies!  This post was supposed to be next week but I just happened to stumble on* some awesome sales online that I needed to tell you about pronto so you can crack open the laptop tonight after the kiddies go to bed and grab yo self some bargains.  I didn’t really intend to shop right now, but I have some items on my list of staples that I need to get and they happened to be on sale right now.  The price was right and I jumped.  My total for this excursion was more than I would normally spend in one sitting, but I know many of these pieces will get lots of use so I’m okay with it.  Cost per wear girls, cost per wear!

*By stumble on I do mean searched long and hard for.

Also, after a long overdue wait, I have finally taken care of creating the style questionnaire I said I’d do oh…back in December.  If you click this link you will be taken to a Google survey that will then be sent to me.  I will pick three lucky ladies to feature in a future style post with links to outfit ideas.  You are also more than welcome to follow my Pinterest style pages as well.

Alright, let’s get to the good stuff, what did I buy?

I love wearing dresses but often get the same silhouette in a solid color.  BORING!  I saw this Boden dress and knew it would be great for right now and into the fall at work with a cardi. In the summer I’ll wear it with my well-worn Gizeh Birks, and at work I’ll wear it with nude ballet flats.

I’ve also been on the lookout for a navy skirt.  There was one on the CAbi line last season but at the time I didn’t have the budget for it.  This one was very similar and cheaper.  Score!

Moving onto Garnet Hill.  I haven’t had good luck with them but decided to give them another try.

This shirt will be great now with shorts, perfect for work with a blazer or cardi, and nice with jeans too. I love the color too.  Most of my wardrobe is neutrals, blues, or fuchsia.  (Ok, in the summer I throw in some coral, but that’s really about it)  I’m trying to branch out with other colors.  Another blue shirt might kill me. And yes, technically this is still blue, but it’s blue-GREEN.

Veranda Top in Pool

T_WithoutZoom (2)

Last but not least, Gap and Old Navy.  A word about Old Navy.  I rarely buy something there that I expect to last.  Here’s a style lesson for you: Cheap clothes look cheap.  If you are buying something out of your style comfort zone, or you’re between sizes, or looking for that trendy piece you HAVE TO HAVE, drop some money at Old Navy. Otherwise, tread lightly.  Spending a little bit more at a better store will be worth it in the end.  The same goes for clothes from Target.  I recently discovered that my favorite consignment shop , Uptown Consignment, (where I take my whole family’s clothes when we’re done with them) no longer takes Target clothes. This was a wake-up call for me that I should be spending more money to get better quality clothes for the whole family.  Just my two cents, do with it what you will.

First up is the essential tee from Gap.  I confess to having three of these tees already (two might be the same color).  I love the fit and the feel of them.  I’m too cheap to spend $20 on the t-shirt, so I only buy them on sale.  The green is a color I could easily incorporate into what I have so it got added to the bag.

Next up: harem pants.  You’re all doubting my style knowledge at this point aren’t you?  Hear me out.  They were pretty trendy back in the spring.  You know how when you get home from work you immediately do everything in your power to look as slovenly as possible?  Harem pants.  Comfy like sweats or yoga pants, with a bit of edge.  I’ll try them out and report back, no promises.

Last but not least, the fold over skirt.  I’ve had a gray version of this skirt for years.  I got the Infucshion colored one (why can’t they just call it pink?) this time around.  It’s perfect for the hot summer. Throw on the essential tee with the skirt and some flip-flops and call it a day.  Bonus: For whatever reason Honey thinks these skirts are sexy.  Comfortable AND sexy? Sign me up.


This post is getting a bit long so I’m gonna close it out with some picks for Michelle and Sarah.

Michelle is the epitome of bohemian style.  She knows what her style is and sticks with it.  Whenever I see a something like these two shirts I think of her.  I’ve even been known to text her pictures of clothes while I’m shopping.

Bohemian Embroidered Tunic

T_WithoutZoom (3)

Patchwork Shirt

T_WithoutZoom (4)

Next up is Sarah.  When I saw all these sales I clued in the other bloggers and Sarah said that she needed a dress for an upcoming wedding.  I took the liberty of picking one out for her that I think she might like.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Selina dress and think it would look great on her.  I’m digging the yellow or the green floral for a day wedding or the navy or driftwood for evening.  With the higher price tag for this dress you might want to keep the color classic so you can get more than one use out of it.


I think that’s it ladies, anyone else score any amazing deals lately?

4 thoughts on “Blogger Style: Summer Sales!

  1. This is great. Now I want to go shopping! Boden has some great dresses. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of them before. Thank you!!!


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