This week marks nine years of Marie & Mike.  Nine Years!  We are almost a decade worth of Schweitzer!  Like woah.  We are going on a little anniversarymoon to celebrate.  It’s kind of a thing we do.  Just get away for a couple of days and act like we’re a couple of carefree singles eating fried clams at happy hour and a little too tipsy when it’s daylight.  No stress, just a couple of drinks and a late night with no early morning wakeups.  We’ll definitely be toasting to all of our blessings, for sure.  A picture is worth a thousand words, no?  Well how about nine!


This is what One Year looks like.

year one

This is what Two Years looks like.


This is what Three Years looks like.

year 4

This is what Four Years looks like.

year 5

This is what Five Years looks like.

lilly shrimps

This is what Six Years looks like.

year 7

This is what Seven Years looks like.

date night

This is what Eight Years looks like.

year 8

This is what Nine Years looks like.

year 9

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