I am that Mom.

In my younger days, the first sign of Spring was marked by my mailbox overflowing with invitations to my friends’ bridal showers.  I spent the better part of my Summer weekends attending beautiful showers at banquet halls, trendy restaurants, and well-maintained homes.  I would arrive at my seat to find a cute little favor- usually a sweet treat like a box of handmade truffles, a bag of jordan almonds, a cake pop, or a decorated sugar cookie.  I tucked it away in my bag to save for a snack later that night.  Some times I would notice another girl grabbing an extra off the cake table to take home- “For my kids!” she would say, sweetly.  Secretly? I would be thinking, “Is she nuts?! This delicious little ball of chocolate dipped cake pop heaven?  I’ll be devouring that myself while watching CSI reruns on the couch when I get home!!  For the kids?! Oh hell no!”

Fast forward 5 years and two kids later.  Every time I have left the house on a Sunday morning to go to a bridal or baby shower, the first thing Jake says to me as I’m out the door is, “Mommy! Do you have to go!?”  Followed by, “Will you bring me back a surprise!?!!”  A-HA.  So there goes my sinful little chocolatey treat!  That’s where I’m at now, I guess!  Sounds about right, considering I had to forego those CSI marathons for Little Einsteins and Dinosaur Train episodes upon re-entry.

This past weekend I found myself at my friend’s beautiful baby shower.  The theme was all about Bees!  Get it? Bay-BEE!  Every place setting was adorned with a meticulously decorated bumble bee cookie or a little yellow baby onesie.  As I placed the big bee into my handbag, I thought of how much Jake would get a big kick out of this cookie- and so, I gave in.  He was so excited to see me come home, that the first thing out of his little three and a half year old mouth was, “MOMMY!  Where’s my SURPRISE!!”  I happily handed over the bumble bee in it’s shiny cellophane bag with yellow ribbon.  As he slowly ate all around the bee, he commented on how delicious it was, and, oh, look, Mommy, a bee! And I can put it back in this bag for later!  Which he did.  And then forgot all about it by the time he went to bed that night, and I finished it off with a glass of pinot grigio while watching reruns of The Rockford Files.  What?  Old habits die hard!


4 thoughts on “I am that Mom.

  1. This was really a sweet post. I never thought I could be as unselfish as my mother, who would always give us her food if we wanted it. But she didn’t even like food and I do! Then I discovered, like you, that for my kids, I would give up anything! I know EXACTLY how you feel. Our reward comes at Halloween, when they go to bed and all that candy remains (in their older years, my kids figured out I was pilfering and did an inventory before they went to bed!).


  2. Hope you had a great time at the shower … love the theme! And I see nothing wrong with this. Instead of one person enjoying the cookie, TWO people got to enjoy it!


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