Pinterest: Demystifying the Woman in Your Life



Oh come on!  It's not THAT hard! Source:
Oh come on! It’s not THAT hard!
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Men have asked these questions for ages:  What makes women tick?  What is going on in their heads?  What do they want?  It can feel like matter how well you know your wife or significant other, you don’t always understand why they do what they do or have a clue what’s on their mind most of the time.  It’s not for lack of trying.  Some things that are inside a woman’s mind don’t make it to the outside.

There have been many challenging times in my marriage, but none more challenging than when we introduced a child into the mix and became full-throttle working parents.  We try to “have it all” but also find a balance.  I’d love to spend more time in conversation with my husband, to let him in on all the details and itty bitty pieces that make me, well, me.  But there’s not always time for that.   When you’re working, raising a child, trying to maintain a home and a well-rounded life, Life (capital L) has a way of throwing all sorts of distractions your way.  And then there’s laundry.  Sometimes you just have to skip to the end and leave out the little stuff that happens along the way.

But think about it.  How many hours have you lost spent scrolling through Pinterest or adding your favorite things (Or even Oprah’s favorite things) to your boards?  We all joke about it.  We pin these elaborate craft ideas or home organization hacks and laugh at the idea of actually doing any of them.  We create boards dedicated to fashion and jewelry and books we long to read.  I end up pinning a ton of great ideas I’d love to try but just don’t have the time (or skill) to actually accomplish.  Instead of feeling Pinterest envy, why not use our powers for good instead of evil?  Let your other half in on the secret life inside your mind: your Pinterest boards!

Look at all the insight he can gain from browsing your pins:  You seem distracted at home tonight? Well, no wonder–Check out all the pins I’ve put on my “Raising a Smart and Kind Child” board.  He’s frustrated because it’s taking you hours to get dressed for your much-needed “date night”, outfit after outfit tossed on the floor?  Maybe if he knew you were drooling over your “Fall Wardrobe Must-haves!” he would cut you some slack.  Oh my gosh!  If he knew how many pins you have in your “Pamper Me Ideas” board!  Everyone knows that’s a cry for help-you need some “ME TIME!”

If you want to know what’s on our minds, check out this list of just a few Pinterest boards of some people I follow.  I know I’m not alone when I say that I usually browse Pinterest in bed before turning out the light, so these topics could literally be keeping us up at night!

  • Basement ideas
  • Kid Birthday ideas
  • Current Obsessions
  • Books Worth Reading
  • Organization
  • Natural Cleaning
  • Tips and Tricks
  • For the Home
  • Wish List
  • Easy Meals
  • Kitchen Remodel Inspiration
  • Get Fit
  • Teacher Gifts
  • Father’s Day
  • Just for Me-I have to laugh and tell you this one was empty!
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Sure, you can make the argument that I should spend less time on Pinterest and more time communicating.  Ok yes, but I want it all and I want to have time for it all.   Working moms, we’re busy creatures.  For most of us, the closest we come to having it all is living our lives the best we can and pinning the rest of it.   And a little escapism never hurt anyone, right?

The insight that these boards can offer our partners can help open the door to understanding and meaningful conversations.   From my boards you can learn that it’s important for me to raise a strong girl.  That I long to make healthy meals for my family.  That someday I really want to go on a Disney vacation, but first I have to get us financially stable.  These might seem like obvious concepts.  But the important part–sometimes the missing part–is sharing the ideas you find to make it all happen.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the opportunity for him to become the world’s best gift-giver.   It’s no secret to me that my husband thinks I’m a difficult person to buy gifts for.  I will own up to the fact that, yes, I am a little picky.   But I know what I like and most of it is pinned to a board!  I have boards of fashion and jewelry and books and just stuff I want!  Why am I keeping this stuff a secret?

Seriously though, when I share these concepts with my husband, he can be on the same page with me.   That’s when we start working together to make it a reality.

2 comments on “Pinterest: Demystifying the Woman in Your Life”

  1. So true. Natacha and I often chuckle about how much we’ve learned about each other simply because we both blog for this site, and read each other’s posts. So much info. so little time!

  2. Oh, that Tweet is hilarious! I just leaned over and read it to my husband! I don’t have a Pintrest board because I know that would be the last straw for me and my social media time would be well over the limit, but I love the idea of the insight something like that provides to partners that are confused by their mates! And my husband is definitely is confused by me …

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