Diaper Rash Treatments

So this week I have no funny story or deep thought but after talking to a friend of mine thought I would share different diaper treatments I have heard worked for many different babies. Sometimes you just need some ideas to try especially when your baby’s bum is looking like it has road rash.

Here is the collection of different mixtures and products I have seen or heard worked for different mamas and their babies.

1: Coconut Oil: This is by far the best product for diaper rash I have seen for everyday use. It works wonders and the jar last forever. Oh and you can also cook with it, use it in your hair to make it shiny, and use it for dry skin.

2. For really bad diaper rash (think teething): Equal parts Nystatin, Desitin, and Hydrocortisone. This worked wonders for a friend whose poor daughter had scabs on her bottom from teething.

3. Lots of air time: Moisture is usually the culprit so if you can let the baby get air and find somewhere where it is easy to clean up any accidents this helps immensely.

4. Breast Milk: If you have access to breast milk, mix it with some water and aquafor and apply.

5. For older babies the problem can be their diet. Try to stay away of anything acidic including tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, apples, plums, soy and dairy.

6. To soothe baby: You can let baby soak in an oatmeal bath for about 10 minutes then let air dry and apply ointment when you are putting his/her diaper on.

7. If it is a yeast diaper rash then normal paste’s won’t work. Check with your doctor but after his approval you may be able to get an over the counter yeast medicine (think monistat) and apply. Please check with your pediatrician first and it will help clear it up in days.

8. Stop using wipes, and only use a washcloth with water: your little one may be allergic to the diaper you are using or the wipes so basically stop using them and try a different diaper and only use a warm washcloth with water.

9. If all of these do not work, including every paste under the sun, you may have to get a strong cream from your Pediatrician. If after 3-5 days nothing works I say get your butt in to the doctor so your little one can get some relief.

I hope this helps all my mommy friends with their precious little ones!

2 thoughts on “Diaper Rash Treatments

    1. I LOVE coconut oil. I use it on my daughter’s skin when it gets dry and bumpy – it works better than anything! Plus, I bake and cook with it!


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