Magical Monday Gratitude!



This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* Pizza dinners!

* Remote control cars that make all my boys (and kitties) so happy.

* Our two kittens that really entertain us and they both LOOOOVE our doggie, which is a real treat for her.


* My new nose ring. 🙂

* My aerial silks practice! I did a 30 day inversion challenge  on my Kate Street blog (warning: lots of swearing is involved) where I got over a mental block and now my practice is so much better! I’m so effin’ happy!

* My littlest boy is turning THREE this week and he is so excited for his birthday. He’s such a stinkin’ cutie.

* My oldest boy is starting a knitting class this week with other homeschoolers and he’s so excited. He’s been wanting to learn to knit for a couple of years now and is just too hard learning from a video!

* Hard lemonade on a summer night.

* Taking naps when I need them…and I’ve been needing them A LOT!

* The flowers in our gardens are sooooo pretty right now!

* My littlest guy and I go outside every morning to count the morning glories. It’s my absolute favorite morning ritual.

* Dog walks with the whole family.

* Family coming to visit this weekend.

* This moment now to count my blessings ~ it always starts the week off right!

Happy Magical Monday! ♥


4 comments on “Magical Monday Gratitude!”

  1. I love magical Mondays! Truth be told, I’m having a hard time finding the magic right now but, here we go…

    -a great long run on Tuesday
    -seeing how much my daughter adores my dad
    -thankful for my ipad which provides a much needed break for me while on vacation
    -watching house hunters on hgtv, I love guessing which house the people choose

  2. Enjoyed reading your Magical Monday Gratitude List! Sharing gratitude is a great way to start the week. I’m grateful for sleeping through last night’s big rain storm.

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