6 Years

This month, my beautiful wife and I celebrate 6 years of marriage (and 15 years together!).  It is blowing my mind how much life we have lived in these past 6 years and how much things have changed.


When family and friends gathered around us on that gorgeous midsummer night, they were witnessing the birth of a family.  The love, support, and celebration of that night, brought us here – to a family bursting with abundance.

These 6 years have been hard. Standing there on my wedding night, I was so naive about the struggles that would come.

The truth is that I’ve learned a lot about who I am over these past 6 years. I’ve seen far more of myself than ever before – and I don’t really like all of what I’ve seen.

But with faith, determination, and a healthy dose of luck, we kept at it. No matter how poorly the night before had ended, we’d get up the next morning and do it all again.  Somehow, the tears never overtook the laughter.

As we come up on our 6th year of marriage, I feel like celebrating.  Shouting from the rooftops and really owning my happiness.  Sure, we’ve been through hell, but look at what we have to show for it!

If you find yourself in that dark and rocky place, please know that you are not alone.  Strong marriages are not necessarily ones that are free of any struggle.  Marriage is selfless, exhausting, and hard. But when it’s right, it’s worth it.

Happy Anniversary my love…I can only dream of what the next 6 years might bring!

Wedding photo credit: Arguedas Photography

Family photo credit: Crista Acosta Photography

8 thoughts on “6 Years

  1. I love this – those are some incredible pictures! I especially love the one of you two kissing, your kids looking back, and your son giggling “Tee hee hee…” Congratulations on your 6 years!!!! Much love to you both and here’s to many many more years!!!


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