Can I tell you ladies why I am so freaking happy right now that I could scream?! I am literally beaming from ear to ear.

Take a guess?

Did I win the Lottery?


Did I get a promotion at work?


Did I suddenly lose 20 pounds by eating ice cream?


No ladies the biggest accomplishment for a mother with a baby occurred in the last week.


This is the moment that angels sung and a world celebration started to begin.

HAPPY DANCE for this lady!
HAPPY DANCE for this lady!

My daughter is about 6 months and as I did with my son we did some sleep training and it worked like a charm. I know for some mothers this is not a consideration but for our family it has worked amazing.  I feel like a whole new person. I feel like I can become part of the land of the living again. To be able to get a full 7-8 hours is spectacular. So this lady is going to try to get back to some things for myself. I think I may actually start exercising again!

Now if I can just get my potty trained toddler to go to the bathroom alone at night by himself then life would just be heaven.

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