Back to School with Whole Foods!

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We at CT Working Moms have a love affair with Whole Foods. We love highlighting them and love that they’re a family friendly grocery store. Did you know that when you enter Whole Foods if you go to the customer service desk they usually have a juice box and snack for your children (for FREE)? I actually just recently discovered that because a very friendly employee mentioned it to me as I passed by! Now I take advantage of that every time I’m in the store and it keeps my daughter happy and quiet while I get a little shopping done.

I was recently chatting with my friend at Whole Foods Glastonbury (the location closest to me) and learned that they sell back-to-school items. I honestly had no idea! They sell backpacks, lunchboxes and even have snacks that are perfect for the school day.

How cute are these backpacks?? I love that they are really spacious and have a zipped outer pocket.


They also have MATCHING lunchboxes. Yes, your child can have their backpack, lunch box and even their lunch accessories all within the same theme. I just love that.


The backpacks and lunch bags Whole Foods provided us came stuffed with goodies like their cereal bars (a hit in our house), fruit strips, mini cookies and more.


Also super adorable – they even sell sandwich holders and snack holders that match the lunchboxes. I especially love the sandwich holders because your child’s lunch won’t get smooshed!



You know what else I love about this stuff? The backpacks, lunchboxes, sandwich and snack keepers are PVC-free, phalate-free and BPA-free. As someone that is very aware of the problem of toxic chemicals in consumer products (more specifically in KIDS products) I love knowing that I can get toxic-free back-to-school supplies right around the corner.



A big thanks to Whole Foods Glastonbury for providing a few of our writers with the above products! Adorable, toxic-free, affordable and practical = a win-win all around!

To stay in touch with our pals over at Whole Foods Glastonbury check them out on Facebook & Twitter.

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