To my boys

Photo owned by H. Robinson
Photo owned by H. Robinson

I have two very, very different little boys. But they both have some pretty strong “little boy” intricacies that make me love being a mommy to boys. Here’s why:

To my boys,

I love how you put on superhero costumes and instantly BECOME that superhero in your mind.
I love how digging in the sand at the beach becomes a full-fledged engineering project.
I love watching your intense focus on the flight of a football.
I love the way you see door jams and railings as American Ninja Warrior training devices.
I love how you cringe and cover your ears when someone starts singing “Let it Go!”
I love how you have absolutely no volume control.
I love how taking a bath seems like the most horrible, awful torture a mother can dish out.
I love how there’s a ring of dirt in my white tub when I give them a bath in the summertime.
I love that our world is full of (fake) mustaches.
I love your imagination when it comes to playing with others or every by yourself.
I love that a watermelon can double as a dinosaur trampling Lego men.
I love that my Russian leader matrioska doll (that I traded some cassette tapes for in Moscow) is a great evil arch enemy to Mr. Potato Head.
I love that being the household “fly killer” makes you feel like you’re a super huge helper.
I love that you were determined to laugh – not cry –  through your shots at the doctor and you did just that.
I love that you’ve recently learned “pull my finger” and how to make fart noises with your armpit.
I love that you have named all of the hills in the neighborhood and take pride in being able to fly down “Monster Hill” at top speed on your bike while screaming WAHOOOOOO!
I love that you use your sleeve as a tissue (that’s so awesome).
I love that you think girls, kissing and marriage is “so icky.”
I love that no matter how tough you are at 7, you still need your (Curious) Georgie before you can fall asleep.
I love that you are too cool to give me a kiss at the bus stop but you cuddle up at night and ask for “tickle scratch” on your arms and legs.
I love everything you are and everything you do – even if there are some behaviors that we are working on.
I love being mommy to you two beautiful boys.

Love, Mommy

3 comments on “To my boys”

  1. So sweet, Holly. As the mother of two boys and grandma to one, I can relate. Boys LOVE their mamas, ( thank goodness). My youngest son is 29 and in the Navy. I frequently get messages from him reminding me that I am still “his favorite girl”. He has loved many, but I remain his favorite. 🙂
    My 30 year old son still calls me “mama”…
    They were SO different from birth…one shy, one off the top outgoing. Snuggles and back scratchies “and you do my butt a little bit?) One was “watch me, watch this”, and the other was watching him with me..
    There is NOTHING like the bond between mother and son. And if they do go away, they always come back.

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