How my work review should really go…

It is that time again ladies! It is mid year review time. I personally have never been a huge fan of reviews. I understand why we have them and why they are important but nonetheless I get weirded out by flashing my accomplishments and of course my shortcomings on paper to talk about over and over again.

As I was working on my current one, I realized that the review itself does not really depict my whole self and how HARD I really work, especially as a working mother.  I keep my whole review one sided, never bringing in the struggles that I battle at home on a daily basis.

So when I state that I closed a huge deal with a client I should have added that I did it on the last day before my due date, extremely fucking pregnant and miserable. I was able to pull this deal through with hips that felt like they were cracking and a bladder the size of a peanut. I did not waiver in my loyalty to work even though I hadn’t seen my toes in months.

Always keep a positive attitude even though a nine lb. baby is trying to fall out!
Always keep a positive attitude even though a nine lb. baby is trying to fall out!

Or when I work well in a team and have a positive attitude on various projects can I add that this is a feat of its own because I have not had a decent night’s sleep in 9 months and feel like a zombie?

Let’s discuss my work diligence as they see productive emails from me 10 pm. Can I add that this is the only time I can get work done in silence in my house due to a loud crazy toddler and a screaming baby?

Any work after work hours has to wait until after 8pm
Any work after work hours has to wait until after 8pm

I would love to add: Katie has shown great strength and ability to work in a corporate setting even though her newborn daughter was colicky and that can drive any parent overboard. She overcame this issue with great composure and should be applauded for not jumping off a cliff.

Many days I wanted to do this...
Many days I wanted to do this…

GOD I wish I could add some of what really goes on behind closed doors for us working mothers. We would get raises ten times faster if the company really knew how much “work” we really take on.

9 thoughts on “How my work review should really go…

  1. Of course Katie will remember that I worked for myself so I dragged my kids to printing plants, paper companies, sometimes even clients when they were little. It was the only thing I could do until I found a nanny and could afford her. But on the other hand, I was at least able to give myself a raise when I felt I deserved it! Never easy to be a working mom.


  2. What’s really awful is that we have to keep all of this a big fat secret, and pretend that we have no life outside of work. We can’t tell our employers that we functioned on no sleep — that would disturb them! So not only are we not appreciated for all we do, we can’t even mention it. Something is definitely wrong with this picture (and I’m not even THINKING about the differences in pay!).


  3. All those accomplishments, and women-moms especially-STILL get paid less than men. For cryin’ out loud! Can’t employers see how dedicated we are and committed to doing it ALL?!
    Love this Katie!


    1. This is an excellent point! The wage gap between moms and women without children is LARGER than the wage gap between men and women. I mean COME ON!


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