Having a Moment

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You’re going to have to excuse me this week, because I am having a serious moment.  You see, my baby…the tiny little infant three year old one…recently took up horseback riding.  When she is out there on her pony, in the warm-up pen, looking all grown-up and intensely zen…I just can’t even.  My heart bursts, truly.


When I was a little girl, I dreamed day and night of horses.  I read books about horses and made grand plans for the day I would one day have one of my own.  While my parents did their best to fulfill my obsession with vacations to dude ranches and occasional family trail rides, regular riding lessons were not in the budget nor the schedule (I was plenty busy with dance, girl scouts, and goodness knows what else).  Nevertheless, my love blossomed from a distance.

You can imagine my delight when my youngest developed her own interest in horses barely after she was out of diapers.  As soon as we thought she was ready, we got that girl on a horse.


And? She loved it! We’ve been going for a month now and watching my daughter ride is one of the biggest highlights of my life.  What a full-circle moment.  A dream come true.

So often my thoughts are dominated by stress and worry. Negative self-talk about how I could or should be doing better – earning more, climbing ever higher on that ladder, reaching more success.  But, for that one hour a week when I sit and watch my sweet little girl on her pony, it all disappears and I’m flooded with feelings of gratefulness.  I’m so happy we can offer her this. I’m so humbled to be there, in that moment, living that life.  Parenting is often much harder than I expected, but when I’m there on a crisp Saturday morning watching my girl go around and around the ring, all I can think about is how much more incredible it is than I could have dreamed.

I’ve been gifted with 3 amazing children with varied interests and talents and I’m deeply grateful to be able to give them these opportunities, however small, to grow their wings, and fly!


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