Magical Monday!



This Magical Monday I’m grateful:

* For being part of a lovely get-together over the weekend! This is such a fantastic group of Mamas, who’s inner beauty RADIATES outwardly, making us each ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS in our own unique way. The only thing I’d change about this group of Mamas would be to make them OWN their beauty! Own your beauty, CTworkingmoms! ‘Cause you’re ONE HOT GROUP OF SMOKIN’ MAMAS!!!

* That no-knot hair brush that Michelle was braggin’ about in the goodie bags doesn’t disappoint! 😉

* A BBQ at a friend’s house this weekend. Our family and their family jive so well together. Our boys were ready to leave way before we were, but you just gotta go with the flow. Probably saved me from a hang-over.

* An awesome dream over the weekend that gave me much-needed clarity and purpose.

* Pizza!

* Our kitty, Munchie Boots, is a water lover. He’ll rush into the bathroom to watch the toilet flush, he’s fascinated with the water in the tub going down the drain, and he’ll pretty much stop whatever he’s doing if there is water around. Recently he discovered our fish, Ocean. At first we were wary that he would try to eat him, but in the last couple of weeks he’s made it clear that he just really LOVES being around this water creature. We had to clear the pictures off the shelf to make room for Munchie to hang out next to Ocean. He’ll even sleep next to him with his paws hugging the fish-bowl. It is so freakin’ sweet. And as for Ocean, he’s never looked happier in his life. My whole family is LOVING the friendship between our kitty and our fish.

Munchie and Ocean: Best Friends
Munchie and Ocean: Best Friends

* Two new babysitters that our boys just LOVE! Always an awesome thing.

* The rain yesterday. Loved it.

* Watching “The Lego Movie” with my boys on roku. I think this is my FAVORITE kids movie. Yes, I’ve been known to get teary at the end. (We really are all “the special”! 😉 )

* Rereading the “50 Shades” trilogy, ’cause it’s just so much fun.

* I’ve had more energy lately and I’m always, always, always grateful for that!

Don’t forget to count your blessings this Magical Monday! ♥


5 comments on “Magical Monday!”

  1. I love that kitty-water-fish story!! I also love knowing that I didn’t over hype the brush and that you loved it!!

    My magic was getting to see you and hug you a MILLION times on Saturday!

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