Today was one of the tough days.

Today was one of the tough days.

It started last night where Lenny kept me in his room from midnight until 5:00am, nursing, not nursing, almost asleep, awake. He’s been extra clingy all day. Tonight doesn’t look like it’ll go much better either.

This fussiness is so uncharacteristic of him I feel like I have to make sense of it by diagnosing it. He must be sick. Or teething. Or having a reaction to the sweet potato I fed him before bed last night. Or extra hungry.  In my head it could be any of these things or all of them together at once, so I was awake listening for the sound of him breathing while he nursed, because I am a worrier like that.

He was so clingy today, and only Mom would do. Sometimes I love the snuggles, and sometimes I’ve just had enough. Needless to say, nothing got done around the house today. I’m surprised he let me put him down long enough to get dressed (and yes, leggings and a tee shirt is getting dressed since it’s different, albeit slightly, than the sweatpants and teeshirt I wore to bed).

Having a clingy baby…is hard. It’s exhausting to not get even a five minute break during the day–after not sleeping for the same reasons at night–to just breathe, or zone out over Facebook for a while, because well who’s judging.

Today was one of the tough days. But I have to remind myself that it won’t last forever. Even if he’s sick, or teething, or his tummy is upset, or he’s extra hungry, tomorrow could be completely different. Or, even of it is the same, maybe it will be less hard since we went through it already today. I’ll take those tough days because it makes me appreciate this happy boy that much more:

My usually smiley boy!  Photo credit Gena Golas.
My usually smiley boy! Photo credit Gena Golas.

3 thoughts on “Today was one of the tough days.

  1. We had a bit of a tough day over here too… Not quite like yours, but enough whining that I’m left wondering if baby’s coming down with something or getting a tooth. My mom was over this evening as I was doing bedtime, and it was SO validating to hear her say, “Wow, she’s exhausting!” You’re right though, Gena, not all days are like this. Tomorrow will bring a whole new adventure. And may I also say – what an adorable little guy you have!


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