Parenting and Integrity

This is a 15-minute video I shot a while back, intending to use it for a post someday.  Video is tough for me.  I’m a much better writer than I am a speaker.  But on nights like these, it is great to be able to post a video and take a break from writing, as much as I love to write.



In this video, you will hear me blather on about:

— Integrity!

— The role of emotion, versus logic, in most of the decisions we make;

— How two people on opposite ends of an ideological or political spectrum can end up in the same place on an issue;

— How successful women and successful men are viewed differently.

The reference to the GQ magazine cover is from over the summer, August, I think.  So don’t go looking for it on the newsstands right now.

Oh, and the video is a bit shaky, because I took it in the car while I was driving.  You may want to just listen to it and not watch, lol.

Have a great weekend!

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