Single Parents: I Bow to You

It’s official, I’m a lightweight.  I would hereby pledge to never do anything to ever annoy my partner so much as to leave me for even as much as a week if:  1. It was healthy, 2.We could ever make such promises and be assured of our ability to keep them.

I was a single mom for one weekend.  At one point, my kitchen sink looked like this:

2014-10-04 15.57.04

While my kitchen table looked like this:

2014-10-04 15.57.12

The living room floor looked a bit like this:

2014-10-04 15.56.44

I cleaned, some, bribed the kids with extra allowance, and then my kitchen sink looked like this (who’s rocking it):

2014-10-04 18.00.19

And my table looked like this (woo hoo):

2014-09-28 11.03.34

The living room floor, however, looked worse.  Still, that and two loads of laundry, kids fed, antibiotics to both administered (strep throat) and wife (who had a minor procedure that still knocked her on her butt) at least somewhat cared for (I think I remembered to bring her meds once or twice).

I felt good about myself as I laid my head to sleep.  But then I had to rinse and repeat.

And rinse and repeat.

We all survived, imperfectly.  I am more exhausted returning to work than when I left it last week.  But I have grown from it, in gratitude I have grown greatly.  I love you Natacha, I’m honored to have you by my side.

To every single parent out there who doesn’t get to call “mercy” at the end of a weekend and be rejoined by their partner in projects never-ending, you just rock.  I wish I had a more eloquent way to say it.  Rock on, and wear your pride as a badge of honor.  With two, it’s plenty hard enough.  I bow to you.

3 thoughts on “Single Parents: I Bow to You

  1. Sharlene being a isnt easy by any means u then extra activities work baby sitters house to.maintain but when that lil girl me and says mommy hero ! It makez it all worth it ! I learned sometimes its ok to get to.certain things later ur only one person. Lol it can be overwhelming tho..bribing the kids with extra chore $$ is always good.


  2. Nice homage, Sharlene. I’ve been both, and although the single parent gig can be tough, it has its moments of supreme joy, despite the inevitable mess!


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