Thank You Notes

I am obsessed with Jimmy Fallon. He does this bit on the Tonight Show called “Thank You Notes.” Watch the video above and you’ll see why his hysterical gratitude always makes me laugh. So this week, here are a few thank you notes of my own.  Cue the music, James.

Thank you Ocean State Job Lot, for selling cheap kid’s hair mousse. It’s the only reason my daughter showered this week. #iwilltakeit

Thank you Halloween, for waiting until the very last day of October to arrive, giving my daughter at least 30 days to change her mind about her costume. “Let’s buy a new costume the day before Halloween,” said no mom ever. Screw it kid, put on this sheet ‘cuz you’re a ghost.

Thank you Tibetan Sherpas, for reminding me that there are people out there who carry larger packs than I do when I get out of the car after picking up my daughter from school. Backpacks, purse, coats, lunch boxes, coffee mug and briefcase…all in one trip.

That's a good system, but can you do it with a half-full travel mug full of cold coffee in your hand? Photo:
That’s a good system, but can you do it with a travel mug full of cold coffee in your hand while wearing high heels?

Thank you work cafeteria, for selling single-serve, microwavable tomato soup. Allowing tired and lazy moms to pretend like they care about what’s for dinner. “Look! I made your favorite-tomato soup!”

Thank you smart phone, for having a camera that is easy to use. So easy even my 6-year old can use it and take gems like this:

Quick, order the Christmas cards! We have a winner!
Quick, order the Christmas cards! We have a winner!

Thank you really sweet, considerate daughter, for giving me the “exercise” I so desperately need. Because why tell me you need a drink before I go all the way from the living room to the kitchen back to the living room to bring you breakfast?  I swear–I’m changing my name to “Mommy, can you get me…” Steppin’ and Fetchin’. I haven’t sat down in 6 years.

There you go everybody. That’s my Thank You notes for this week…

What are you “thankful” for?

7 thoughts on “Thank You Notes

  1. LOVE this! Thanks for introducing me to Jimmy’s Thank You Notes (yeah, I don’t stay up that late…). The pajama one was fantastic! And your sherpa one was perfect! 🙂


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