To My Five Year Old


How old are you? What is 5 plus 3? Why aren’t there houses on highways? How do you make soap?

Ahhhhhhhh. Sometimes it feels like my mind might explode, usually when I’ve zoned out, you don’t notice, and you continue to ask me questions. When I’m 100% there with you, I find you fascinating and absolutely love our conversations.

You’re more amazing than I ever thought possible or could probably actually ever truly appreciate or understand. I love you and spending time with you more than I could ever describe, but I do get overwhelmed sometimes.

Is a jet plane faster than a fire truck? How old will you be when I’m 30? What is 100 plus 200 plus 400? Why is a hot tub hot?

Your curiosity about the world can certainly stump me (thank goodness for google and youtube), but is oh so refreshing and a constant reminder not to take it all for granted. I get a kick out of the things that interest you and that you find exciting.

This past weekend we spent four full days together. We drove to North Carolina from Connecticut to visit my sister-your Aunt, and her daughters, ages 5 and 1- your cousins. I couldn’t have asked for a better travel partner.

We had a one snafu that kept us a night in Pennsylvania, but being there with you made it just another part of the adventure and so much fun. Although you give me a little trouble some times… you are a breath of fresh air and I couldn’t be happier to have you as my son. Thank you.

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